10 Ways To Save Big On Summer Snacking

Thrifty Summer Snacking Can you believe it?  School will be out NEXT MONTH!  Now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to feed three meals and snacks every day all summer without breaking the bank.  I have some great tips and ideas on how to do just THAT!  One thing I always try and keep in mind is planning is key!  If I plan ahead, things always seem to go smoother 😀 Package them yourself: You will likely come out better when buying snacks if you forego

Thrifty DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Each one of these handmade gifts cost less than $5 to make and have so much more meaning than purchasing something from the store. If you collect jars and scraps; some of these gifts won’t cost you a dime to make! I have made each of these and each of them are easy enough for my children who are 14, 9, & 7, to help me create!   I hope you enjoy making these as much as we did.  I will be continually adding new projects to this list throughout

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix.  This is my favorite of all our homemade dry mixes!  It is so easy peasy to make and you can use it to season just about anything 😀 I love having all of the ingredients on hand to make any dressing or mix I need.  Everything from poultry seasoning to Biscuit mix can be created using a few shelf ready ingredients.  It is great to know how to make these whenever you are in a pinch.  They also have the added bonus

Repurposed Creamer Bottle

Repurposed Creamer Bottle This little project was so easy and so much fun! My kids love these. Each of them have their own snacks container and we get tons of use out of them on road trips 😀 All you do for this fun project is clean out your used creamer bottle, remove the label and decorate how you like! Easy peasy lemon squeezy 😀 We LOVE repurposing old containers to see just how creative we can be. This container works perfectly for pretzels, cereal, raisins, you can even use

Repurpose Your Clorox Wipes Canister

Repurpose Your Clorox Wipes Canister If you’re like me (and thousands of other people) you keep your plastic grocery bags for reuse around the house.  Maybe they’re can liners or for dirty soccer uniforms.  So many people have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags!  I have been seeing amazing ways of repurposing these bags!  People are making blankets, clothing and so many other useful items with them.  So, we set out to find a way to keep them organized in your cabinet and this is what we found!

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Repurposed Coke Bottle Planters

Repurposed Coke Bottle Planters Repurposing plastic containers is a great way to get crafty with the kids AND save BIG money! My husband works for Coca Cola, so we have tons of bottles at our house all the time. We love to come up with new ways to reuse old coke bottles and cans. These are both very simple projects that require little work or creativity.  With this planter; all we did is cut the bottom of a 2 liter bottle of Mr. Pibb out and filled it with potting

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10 Natural Bug Bite/Sting Remedies

Summer in south Louisiana, and many other places, means BUGS! I really do hate bugs, especially those that bite and leave such wonderful itchy bumps. And the kids really have a hard time not scratching. And scratching can lead to infections. So if you or the kids end up with some bad bug bites this summer, you’ll be surprised at how many items you have around the house that will make great bug bite remedies. Here are some homemade bug bite remedies that will hopefully ease the pain of bug

How to Freeze Eggs

Did you know that May is national egg month?  Well, I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but now that I DO know; it makes sense LOL  Well, consequently, national egg month is also the best month to buy fresh eggs.  This is the cheapest you will find them all year.   How DO you stock up on something like eggs?  Well, you freeze them, of course 😀  Freeze eggs?  Yes, FREEZE EGGS!  The super awesome thing about freezing eggs is that you can freeze them in just

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FREE & Cheap Summer Fun for Kids in Acadiana

Acadia Parish Dig Into Reading! Come join the Summer Reading program fun at any Branch of the Acadia Parish Library between May 24 and August 10, 2013 The Acadia Parish Library will be opening this years Summer Program with magic. This parish wide kickoff opening will feature The Magic of Barry Primo. Everyone can be a part of this real magic on June 4 @ 10:30 am at the Acadia Parish Educational Center (old Wal Mart Bldg) Crowley, LA (Free to the Public) Get more information HERE Lafayette Parish Dig

Couponing Class Series: Ten Tips Every Coupon Newbie Should Know

If you are new to the world of couponing, it may be very overwhelming. After all, there is so much advice out there it can be difficult to compile it all into one place. But the good news is, you don’t have to! Below, we have taken the guesswork and the legwork out of the equation and assembled ten tips every coupon newbie should know. The fact is, while there are hundreds of practical tips out there, these ten are really all you need to get you started. Once you