Repurpose Your Clorox Wipes Canister

repurpose clorox wipes

If you’re like me (and thousands of other people) you keep your plastic grocery bags for reuse around the house.  Maybe they’re can liners or for dirty soccer uniforms.  So many people have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags!  I have been seeing amazing ways of repurposing these bags!  People are making blankets, clothing and so many other useful items with them.  So, we set out to find a way to keep them organized in your cabinet and this is what we found!


As you can see, we started with an empty Clorox wipes canister. The Clorox canister works better for us than the Lysol; other than that, I don’t have a preference 🙂

First, rinse the canister and allow to dry.

While you’re waiting for the canister to dry; prepare your bags.  This is so easy peasy 😀


Next, insert your roll of bags into the canister with the end that you folded up in the begining sticking out.

Replace the lid and pull your bag through.  All you do is pull one bag at a time and the next bag will pop up!  GENIUS!  This is perfect for placing on the back of the toilet for can liners, dirty diapers, wet swimsuits, etc.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!


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