DIY No Sew Superhero Cape #DIY

DIY No Sew Superhero Cape This was another super fun project we decided to test out for the Color Vibe with Tum-E Yummies in Lafayette next month.  This DIY Superhero cape would also be perfect for Mardi Gras, Halloween, or just boys dress up fun!  My son is 10 and still thought this was a lot of fun 😀  There are tons of no sew cape ideas out on the web and we kind of did a compilation of a few we saw on the web and one that a freind

Repurposed Creamer Bottle

Repurposed Creamer Bottle This little project was so easy and so much fun! My kids love these. Each of them have their own snacks container and we get tons of use out of them on road trips 😀 All you do for this fun project is clean out your used creamer bottle, remove the label and decorate how you like! Easy peasy lemon squeezy 😀 We LOVE repurposing old containers to see just how creative we can be. This container works perfectly for pretzels, cereal, raisins, you can even use

Repurpose Your Clorox Wipes Canister

Repurpose Your Clorox Wipes Canister If you’re like me (and thousands of other people) you keep your plastic grocery bags for reuse around the house.  Maybe they’re can liners or for dirty soccer uniforms.  So many people have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags!  I have been seeing amazing ways of repurposing these bags!  People are making blankets, clothing and so many other useful items with them.  So, we set out to find a way to keep them organized in your cabinet and this is what we found!

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Repurposed Coke Bottle Planters

Repurposed Coke Bottle Planters Repurposing plastic containers is a great way to get crafty with the kids AND save BIG money! My husband works for Coca Cola, so we have tons of bottles at our house all the time. We love to come up with new ways to reuse old coke bottles and cans. These are both very simple projects that require little work or creativity.  With this planter; all we did is cut the bottom of a 2 liter bottle of Mr. Pibb out and filled it with potting


Upcycled Pencil Holder ♥

I wanted to introduce all of you to something that is near and dear to my heart!  It is also a great way to save money and cut down on waste!  UPCYCLING! Upcycling is an embraced term and fashion. You will already be seeing upcycled goods in the news, at fashion trade shows or on celebrities making a statement. Candy wrapper clutches, purses, cosmetic bags from old juice cartons, bags from the inner tube of bicycle tyres anything you can dream of, even chainmail made from soda can pop tops