Cotton Candy Sweetheart Sparkle

Cotton Candy Sweetheart Sparkle Can you believe these adorable drinks have only 2 ingredients?  They do! Y’all, this Cotton Candy Sweetheart Sparkle is the easiest and most fun drink I have ever made for my kiddos.  The Cotton Candy Sweetheart Sparkle quickly became a favorite and regular addition to our weekly menu.  Yes, I said weekly LOL  My kids love it so much and it is so super easy to make; how can I resist?  Friday nights are pizza night and now they are “Pizza sparkle” night 😀  You can

Green Pancakes

Green Pancakes Green Pancakes!  How cute are these green pancakes for St. Patrick’s Day?!  They are so easy to make and your kiddos are going to LOVE them. You can find complete instructions over at Daily Pins Are you planning on doing something for St. Patrick’s Day, but aren’t sure how far to go?  These green pancakes are the perfect start to any day.  They are especially great for St. Patrick’s Day.