Easy Peasy Cherry 7UP Cupcakes #7Waysto7UP

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Easy Peasy Cherry 7UP Cupcakes #7Waysto7UP This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of 7UP®. The opinions and text are all mine. I have the most amazing cupcake recipe to share with y’all today!  When I was asked to create a recipe using 7UP, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  I have been making this amazing 7UP cake for YEARS and have been wanting to make it into cupcakes for a while now, but never quite had the motivation to do it.  Soooooo, here it is!

Complete List For Buying King Cakes In Acadiana


Complete List For Buying King Cakes In Acadiana Acadiana is full of great food and amazing culture.  So much of this centers around Mardi Gras and the amazing King Cakes found right here in the heart of Cajun country.  There are so many great places to get King Cakes in Acadiana in an abundance of different and unique flavors…I’ve tried a lot of them, but have yet to taste the boudin flavor (that is on my to-do list this year)!  I haven’t tried all of the different places that serve King

Create Your Personal Christmas Wonderland With Oriental Trading #OrientalTrading


Create Your Personal Christmas Wonderland With Oriental Trading #OrientalTrading This is a sponsored post from Oriental Trading. All opinions are 100% my own. Okay y’all, I’m going to go ahead and tell you; I am not super crafty.  I am, probably, mediocre when it comes to being crafty.  I have decided to start coming out of my comfort zone and dabble in some crafts.  I have shared a few over the years, but never really felt like that was my calling.  Well, Oriental Trading just lit a fire in my

Chocolate Candy Cane Reindeer


Chocolate Candy Cane Reindeer Every year, my kids and I make candy for the holidays.  This year we kind of have a candy cane theme going and started off with these chocolate candy cane reindeer.  These were so much fun and easy peasy to make.  Hannah has been “recreating” them with her own ingredients since we made them.  Mostly, she is just looking for a reason to eat Nutella LOL No, we didn’t use Nutella in these creations, but she has, somehow, found a way to make reindeer with her

Star Spangled Crescent Dogs

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Star Spangled Crescent Dogs These Star Spangled Crescent Dogs were so easy and fun to make, I just know you’re going to love them!  Summer is officially here, so now it’s time to start creating fun and easy snacks for the kids before they eat you out of house and home LOL  These are perfect for after swimming, birthday parties, Memorial Day, and of course, Fourth of July.  I cannot wait to make these again next month when we celebrate Independence Day in our neighborhood.  My kiddos were happy to

Cotton Candy Sweetheart Sparkle

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Cotton Candy Sweetheart Sparkle Can you believe these adorable drinks have only 2 ingredients?  They do! Y’all, this Cotton Candy Sweetheart Sparkle is the easiest and most fun drink I have ever made for my kiddos.  The Cotton Candy Sweetheart Sparkle quickly became a favorite and regular addition to our weekly menu.  Yes, I said weekly LOL  My kids love it so much and it is so super easy to make; how can I resist?  Friday nights are pizza night and now they are “Pizza sparkle” night 😀  You can

Easy Churros Pinwheel

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Easy Churros Pinwheel I have been creating some super fun pinwheel recipes lately.  With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, I love finding a great game day trend and getting super creative with it!  Since we love foods with a southwest flavor around our house; I thought this would be the perfect time to experiment with a churros pinwheel!  Well, first try, and they’re perfect!  Yes, I really mean perfect.  If you’re a fan of churros, or pinwheels, or chocolate; you’re probably going to fall in love with these amazing little

Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels

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Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels These pepperoni pizza pinwheels are so super easy to make!  You can switch up the ingredients and change the crust to match your, personal taste.  We love the versatility of this recipe.  This recipe is really the foundation for any pinwheel you want to create.  I used pizza dough for this recipe, but you can use crescent rolls, puff pastry,  biscuit dough, really anything you want.  Experiment on your own and get creative.  One thing I have learned about all pinwheel recipes is that you need some

Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Pinwheels

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Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Pinwheels Oh my goodness y’all!  These strawberry cheesecake pinwheels are the result of me experimenting with a few recipes and trying to find something new and fresh for our Super Bowl party.  I wasn’t sure how these would turn out since pinwheels don’t always do great in the oven.  These strawberry cheesecake pinwheels turned out perfect!  You could replace the strawberries with your favorite fruit.  I would imagine they would taste great with peaches, blueberries, apples, or really any fresh or canned fruit.  I used strawberries because

The Perfect Personalized Christmas From Personalization Mall #Personalization

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The Perfect Personalized Christmas From Personalization Mall #Personalization Today I get to tell you about Personalized gifts from Personalization Mall!  I am so excited to share our super cute personalized stockings we received for our entire family.  When I first saw the box on my front porch, I couldn’t believe it arrived so quickly!  This was some super fast shipping.  So, if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for someone who has everything, you still have time to get them something more personal delivered in time for Christmas.  We