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Live Action Films At D23 Expo #D23Expo

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Live Action Films At D23 Expo #D23Expo As if the D23 Expo wasn’t amazing enough; they also slated the new live action films from Disney, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm!  I was on the edge of my seat when I saw what was coming down the pike.  Can you imagine how amazing the next two years are going to be at the theaters.  Although Disney, by themselves, is enough to get anyone excited, but then comes Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm.   All of them revealed exclusive news and details about the upcoming live

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5th Annual Streamy Awards Announced #streamys

streamy awards

5th Annual Streamy Awards Announced #streamys   I don’t know if you’re as into Youtube around your house as we are around ours, but if you are; you’re going to LOVE this!  Did you know that VH1 puts on their own awards show for internet video celebrities?!  I am so stinkin’ excited! I’m not sure if my kids know yet, but as soon as they get home from school I’m going to show them this list.  I love Flula and they love Stampylonghead.  This is going to be so much

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Rock Out With Ricki And The Flash #RickiAndTheFlash

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Rock Out With Ricki And The Flash #RickiAndTheFlash Have you heard?  Rick Springfield and Meryl Streep have teamed up to bring us Ricki And The Flash; a story of a mom.  Just watching the trailer brings a flood of emotion that, I think, any mother or daughter can relate to.  The love this mother has for her children and her struggle to show and prove that love will take us on an amazing adventure through motherhood, relationships and just feeling the emotions that come with any human bond.  Who better

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Pixels Makes 80’s Gamers Look Cool #PixelsMovie

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Pixels Makes 80’s Gamers Look Cool #PixelsMovie I had so much fun in New York last week.  One of the reasons it was such a fun trip is because I got to see Pixels with my best friend while I was there!  If you lived through the 80’s, you are going to have so much fun watching Pixels!  I can’t wait to take my kids to see it too.  Did I tell you that Adam Sandler and Kevin James star in it?  It was a lot of fun.  From the

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The Big Hair And Big Fun Behind Pixels Movie #PixelsMovie

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The Big Hair And Big Fun Behind Pixels Movie #PixelsMovie I know y’all will find this hard to believe, but I had REALLY BIG hair back in the 80’s 😀  My big hair followed me into the 90’s and occasionally, I still get a little *large* with my hair from time to time.  If you are too young to remember how amazingly strange the 80’s were or if you just need a little nudge tapping into that nostalgic feeling of years go by, have no fear; Pixels has you covered!  Am

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The Cast Of Pixels Will Have You Rolling #PixelsMovie

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The Cast Of Pixels Will Have You Rolling #PixelsMovie Okay y’all, I had the AMAZING opportunity to interview the cast of Sony’s new movie Pixels.  I was in New York last week attending a conference and was invited to watch Pixels and interview Josh Gad, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Adam Sandler, and Chris Columbus (Director) from the movie.  So, I had to think about it for a …. um ….NEVER!  I didn’t have to think about it at all!  Hello!  Adam Sandler and Kevin James!  I was so stinkin’ excited, I could hardly talk when it

So Much Fun At Sky Zone Lafayette! #SkyZoneLafayette


So Much Fun At Sky Zone Lafayette! #SkyZoneLafayette Guess what y’all?  We went to the new Sky Zone in Lafayette, LA!  We watched as it was being renovated from a shoe store into Sky Zone.  We weren’t real sure what to think.  My son came home from school a couple of times talking about his friends going and how he wanted to go and I told him we’d go in the summer.  Finally, the summer is here and it was time for me to stick to my word!  What did