Belly Laughs All Around With The Secret Life Of Pets #TheSecretLifeOfPets

Belly Laughs All Around With The Secret Life Of Pets #TheSecretLifeOfPets

If you are in need of some serious belly laughs for the entire family, then you need to see The Secret Life of Pets this weekend!  I took my 9 and 11 year olds, along with my neighbor’s 7 year old daughter to see The Secret Life of Pets Tuesday night.  Oh my goodness!  It was hilarious!  I’m going to be honest, I was a little worried that the best parts of the movie were in the previews and the movie, itself, would be dry.  This was absolutely NOT the case with The Secret Life of Pets.  We laughed the entire way through the movie.  Nobody laughed quite as much or as hard as my 11 year old son though.  I’m pretty sure the lady sitting next to him was just laughing at him laughing at the movie LOL  There were never any slow spots through the movie and we never got bored with the adventures of the pets.  Snowball the bunny really made the movie for us.  Kevin Hart plays the voice of the bunny and every time the bunny said anything, we all laughed.  The Secret Life of Pets is full of great one-liners and fun scenes of pets acting like, well, pets.  Be sure to go check it out this weekend.  The Secret Life of Pets is now opened in theaters everywhere!

secret life of pets

About The Secret Life of Pets:  

Max (Louis C.K.) is a spoiled terrier who enjoys a comfortable life in a New York building until his owner adopts Duke, a giant and unruly canine. During their walk outside, they encounter a group of ferocious alley cats and wind up in a truck that’s bound for the pound. Luckily, a rebellious rabbit named Snowball swoops in to save the doggy duo from captivity. In exchange, Snowball demands that Max and Duke join his gang of abandoned pets on a mission against the humans who’ve done them wrong.

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The Secret Life of Pets opens everywhere today!

15 Replies to “Belly Laughs All Around With The Secret Life Of Pets #TheSecretLifeOfPets”

  1. I seriously can not wait to go see this. I am taking my kids during the week. I think I might be more excited than they are!

  2. I want to watch this because it’s the perfect movie for the summer, light and hilarious! It’s a feel good movie after all. I really like the idea of this movie and I’m sure adults and kids will love this!

  3. I am going to take the girls to watch it at the drive-in tonight. I didn’t know what to expect, so thank you for letting us know about it, Rachel! So excited to go after reading your review.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this the whole time. Finally it’s showing! I am now excited to watch this movie.

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