You Are Going To Love Treasure Hunters #TreasureHuntersClub

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You Are Going To Love Treasure Hunters #TreasureHuntersClub

We had the amazing opportunity to read and review another one of James Patterson’s books.  This time we read Treasure Hunters.  My son, Isaiah, is eleven years old and absolutely loved this book!  We read much of the book together, just because it was so much fun!  Treasure Hunters starts in Venice and takes them on an adventure across the world looking for a stolen treasure.  It was exciting to have my son asking me about Moscow, Venice, and the Arctic.  I’m always a little worried about finding great books that a tween boy will enjoy.  My girls are pretty easy to please, but with him everything has to be “cool” LOL  Well, Treasure Hunters definitely got his stamp of approval.  He would get up in the mornings asking when I could sit with him and read.  Honestly, I never thought my son would enjoy the time together with me as much as he did.  I am so happy we had this time together and we got to spend it with such a fun and exciting book!  I cannot wait to see what James Patterson comes up with next 😀

About Treasure Hunters:

The Kidd siblings have grown up diving down to shipwrecks and traveling the world, helping their famous parents recover everything from swords to gold doubloons from the bottom of the ocean. But after their parents disappear on the job, the kids are suddenly thrust into the biggest treasure hunt of their lives. They’ll have to work together to defeat dangerous pirates and dodge the hot pursuit of an evil treasure hunting rival, all while following cryptic clues to unravel the mystery of what really happened to their parents–and find out if they’re still alive.

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20 Replies to “You Are Going To Love Treasure Hunters #TreasureHuntersClub”

  1. That sounds exactly like the kind of book that my 12 year old will like. I need to get him a copy!

  2. Treasure hunters sounds like a fun book to read with my kids! I hope it’s available in the bookstore nearby so I can get it. We need a new book for readers.

  3. That’s perfect for the kids! It’s nice to keep them interested in reading especially during the summer, to keep their mind active and to keep them learning as well!

  4. I have read few of James Patterson books before & Treasure hunters sounds like a wonderful book to read with my kids with lots of fun! The story-line is good enough & exciting enough to grab a copy of the same!

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