When/Where can I use this coupon?

This is the single question I get asked the most from my readers. I am going to do my very best to break it down for everyone to understand the different types of coupons.

The first type of coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon. A manufacturer’s coupon is distributed by the manufacturer of each product for which you have a coupon. Manufacturer’s coupons state “Manufacturer’s coupon” at the top of the coupon. Now, there are manufacturer’s coupons that have a store logo on them or state “redeemable at …..”. These are still manufacturer’s coupons; that store has simply paid for advertising space on that coupon in an attempt to get you, the consumer, to use that coupon at their store.

The next type of coupon is a store coupon. Store coupons can only be used at the store which has put them out. These can be distributed by a store or they can be distributed by the manufacturer to be used only at a certain store. These store coupons that are actually distributed by the manufacturer to be used only at certain stores will state “Manufacturer’s coupon” on the coupon but will state somewhere on the coupon (usually in the fine print) that they are ONLY redeemable at that particular store.

The other type of store coupon is distibuted by the store or chain. This coupon will have the store and/or logo at the top of the coupon where you would normally see “manufacturer’s coupon”. These coupons can only be used in that particular store or chain.

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