Super Fun DIY Pom Pom Scarf

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We found a super fun and cute way to express ourselves at the upcoming Color Vibe with Tum-E Yummies in Lafayette next month!  We made this super fun and cute pom pom scarf from yarn.  It turned out so much better than we expected!  We also made pom pom garland for Valentine’s Day and Mickey Mouse garland for our DisneySide party next month!  We made so many pom poms today and it was so much fun!  This is going to be perfect for Hannah to wear with her tutu while running in the Color Vibe next month.  This scarf is an essential part to our Color Your World kit and was so much fun to make!  You can also check out the no sew tutu and no sew superhero cape we made for the Color Vibe!

Gather your supplies:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook

Get to making:

  • Get about a 4 inch wide piece of cardboard and fold it in half to about 2 inches in width.
  • Wrap the yarn around the piece of cardboard 100 times. I always count how many times I wrap it around to make sure all of the pom poms are similar in size.
  • Cut about a 4 inch piece of yarn to pull through the middle of the yarn that is wrapped around the cardboard. Tie the piece of yarn in a knot and pull tight.
  • Once the yarn is tied in a knot, pull the yarn that is wrapped around the cardboard off of the cardboard and
    put your scissors under the little loops created in the rounded ball of yarn. As you cut the loops, you’ll see the pom pom starting to form.
  • Cut a piece of yarn about 6 feet long to use to string the pom poms together for the scarf.
  • Push the crochet hook through the center of your first pom pom and use it to pull a portion of the 6 feet of yarn through the center of the pom pom, then tie it in a knot around the pom pom.
  • Get your next color pom pom and string it on the yarn the same way.
  • Repeat, alternating colors until you have reached the desired length in your scarf.
  • Tie off the end with a knot and ENJOY!

pom pom scarf Collage

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