DIY No Sew Tutu

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We absolutely loved making this DIY no sew tutu.  We have made many of these over the years for lots of different occasions.  This time we’re making it for the Color Vibe 5K with Tum-E Yummies coming to Lafayette next month.  I think the last time we made one was for Valentine’s Day last year.  We have also made them for Mardi Gras, Easter, and Christmas.  These are so much fun!  Oh yeah, we made them for all of us for the St. Jude 5K a few months back 😀  It is always fun to find a reason to wear a tutu.  My 16 year old daughter loves putting one on as much as my 8 year old daughter does.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.  Be sure to watch the brief video below that shows a little more detail on how to make your knot.  You can also check out the no sew superhero cape and the no sew pom pom scarf we made for the Color Vibe!

Gather your supplies:

  • Tulle (I buy the 15 foot spools of tulle, these work best for these skirts)
  • Ribbon (any kind you want to use)
  • Scissors

Get to making:

  • Measure the waste of the person for whom you are making the tutu
  • Cut the ribbon about 2 feet longer than the length for the waist
  • Cut your tulle into 24-36 inch strips (depending on how long you want the tutu)
  • Start tying! You can watch the video below to see how to tie the loops
  • Tie it on and flaunt it!

22 Replies to “DIY No Sew Tutu”

  1. Anything that says ‘no sew’ is a winner for me. The thought of trying to thread a needle sends shivers down my spin and makes me relive my hours at school when the teacher told me I would never be successful with the crafts.

  2. I just had my first daughter in December and I can’t wait to make these tutus for her! They look so easy to do.

  3. Oh my, that is really clever! I bet my little granddaughters (3 yrs and 18 mos) would love wearing these. My 3-y.o. granddaughter would probably even like to help my daughter make them!

  4. Okay you just gave me the best idea for our summer Mardi Gras type carnival parades yay. It looks so easy and its so doable, so cheap to coz we have a shop we buy materials for like a pittance. The fun of making te tutus alone will be awesome.

    Saved bookmarked and a reminder in my google calendar for our No Sew tutu you rock. Thank you.

  5. That looks cute! I love that its no sew, which means I might stand a chance of making it because I hate sewing….mainly because I have a horrible sewing machine. This looks lovely!

  6. That’s so cute! No doubt the girls will love this! It’s quite easy as well. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  7. i see a lot of these at disneyland and always thought that they looked so cute! i’m out of the age range for them but i would love to make some for people

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