Princess Shoes Cupcakes

Princess Shoes Cupcakes!  We had so much fun making these Princess Shoes Cupcakes. There are so many versions of these cupcakes on the internet and we have been seeing different versions of them EVERYWERE so we decided it was time to try our hand at them in preparation for our DisneySide party! They were so easy peasy, I was super surprised.

princess shoes cupcakes

These would be perfect for a Disney Princess party, baby shower, bridal shower, bachelorette party, the possibilities are endless! You can change out the icing tips and make them as fancy or plain as you want. I saw some who iced the cookie and decorated it to make them super fancy schmancy 😀 Have fun with it and make them your own. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did.

Gather your supplies:

  • Your favorite cake mix
  • White icing (I bought mine at Walmart, but you can find it here)
  • Cupcake icing tip (I have the set sold here)
  • Icing bag
  • Fancy cupcake sprinkles (I bought mine at Walmart, but you can also find them here)
  • Silver cupcake holders (I bought mine at Walmart, but you can find them here)
  • Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies (I bought mine at Walmart, but you can also find them here)
  • Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fingers (I bought mine at Walmart, but you can also find them here)

Princess Shoes Cupcakes

Get to creating!

  • Bake 24 cupcakes according to your favorite recipe
  • Ice the cupcakes with your favorite colors. We used the Wilton icing and colored it pink and blue with food coloring to make 3 different colors of shoes.
  • Decorate each cupcake with sprinkles or decorations of your choice.
  • Place one Milano cookie in the back of each cupcake (shoe) to be the bottom of the shoe.
    Cut each Cadbury cookie at a slant to fit against the milano cookie to make the “heel” of the shoe. Use icing to create the “glue” for holding the heel onto the shoe.
  • Place in the refrigerator for 2 hours to allow the icing to ‘set’
  • VOILA! You’re finished! Enjoy 😀

I have seen several versions of this cupcake where they decorated the cookie and heel of the shoe and that was very cute!  Get creative and let the kids help 😀

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  1. These are so great! My daughters would go crazy over them too they both love princesses. I am going to have to make some for them soon for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love these cupcakes! I’ve seen a few different renditions of them and really want to try my hand at them. They look just impressive enough hopefully without the difficulty level that will make me want to throw things.

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