Pamper Your Pets For Less With Groupon #Groupon

This is a sponsored post from Groupon. All opinions are 100% my own.
Pamper Your Pets For Less With Groupon

I never, in a million years, would have thought our family could become attached to three animals as we are to our pets! We even went as far as to buy a larger SUV because both of our dogs and cat travel with us so much!  Our kids insist on taking our pets to any pet-friendly place we can find.  I have to say, though, Comet (our cat) gets left at home quite often.  There aren’t many places where you can safely take a cat without a harness and leash.  I’ve never met a cat that enjoys a harness or leash!  These guys are our kids’ buddies and, sometimes, best friend.  They lend an ear when we’re feeling down and always know when we need some attention.  At night, when all of the kids pile into our bed for one last goodnight kiss, our dogs (and cat) are never far behind!  It gets a little crowded sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way <3

Pamper Your Pets For Less With Groupon

With all of the fun and love that comes with these amazing animals, also comes a huge expense.  Between wellness checks, accidents, food, and special treats; owning a pet can be a burdensome expense.   This is one of the reasons I love Groupon Goods so much!  Groupon has been around for a while and I have used them to get discounts on eating out, going to concerts, and service on my vehicles.  Only in the last year, did I start using Groupon to buy goods for my home and I am so happy I did!  We are currently in the market for a cat tree and I just spotted a few great deals on the cat trees over at Groupon.  I’m going to be checking them out later today.  Go take a look at Groupon and just click on “Goods” in the top menu.  Let me know what you think about their products and how the prices compare to the places you’re used to shopping.  You can also keep up with all of the great deals on Groupon’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

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