New Teaser Trailer For Marvel’s Doctor Strange #DoctorStrange

doctor strange poster

Marvel is at it again!  We have a new teaser trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange.  I’m not quite sure how they do it, but ever film Marvel releases is the best film they have ever released.  I mean, seriously, every single film is that great!  I cannot wait to see what they have in store for Doctor Strange and 2017!  I am hearing quite a buzz around all things Marvel in the coming years and, from what we have already seen, I just know it is going to be amazing!  If you haven’t seen the trailer for Doctor Strange yet, be sure to check it out below.  My kiddos were a little too excited once they caught a glimpse of what is just around the corner.  November 4 will be here before we know it!  Hey, that’s only 20 days away from my 42nd birthday!  Oh my goodness, I will be 42 this year!  How did that happen?  I hope you enjoy this trailer as much as we did.

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DOCTOR STRANGE opens in theatres everywhere on November 4th!

25 Replies to “New Teaser Trailer For Marvel’s Doctor Strange #DoctorStrange”

  1. I have three boys and we haven’t gotten into the Marvel stories yet. We will definitely have to check this out.

  2. This movie is so interesting and they picked the right actor to portray the role! The trailer is amazing! I can’t wait to watch this!

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