Maximize Energy and Save Money This Earth Day with LG Studio #bbyed

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Maximize Energy and Save Money This Earth Day with LG Studio #bbyed

Are you ready to maximize energy and save money this Earth Day with LG Studio?  Earth day is just around the corner and Best Buy is celebrating with an amazing Earth Day Sale!  In just a few days, on April 22, we will be celebrating mother Earth.  We have been looking at new refrigerators and are in love with this new line from LG Studio at Best Buy.  Not only are they gorgeous, but they save energy too!  Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it in the end to save money, but these brands speak for themselves.  Energy efficiency at it’s best will definitely save us money.  With three rapidly growing kiddos, I know we won’t go wrong with this collection.  I guess this is a good time to tell my husband we need a new dishwasher too!  Maybe we can get them all at one time with this great deal!

Maximize Energy and Save Money This Earth Day with LG Studio #bbyed

Thanks to recent improvements in insulation and compressors, today’s refrigerators use much less energy than older models. With an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, you can maximize your energy and dollar savings without sacrificing the features you want.

Slash your energy bills.

ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators are about 9-10 percent more energy efficient than models that meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard.

Replace your old fridge for bigger savings.

An estimated 170 million refrigerators and refrigerator-freezers are currently in use in the United States. More than 60 million refrigerators are over 10 years old, costing consumers $4.7 billion a year in energy costs. By properly recycling your old refrigerator and replacing it with a new ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, you can save between $35–$300 on energy costs over its lifetime. Use the ENERGY STAR Savings Calculator to find out exactly how much money you’ll save by replacing your existing refrigerator.

Protect the environment.

ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators use less energy and help us reduce our impact on the environment. If all refrigerators sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, the energy cost savings would grow to more than $400 million each year and 8 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented, equivalent to the emissions from 750,000 vehicles.

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LG Studio  Line “Beauty by Design” – Refrigerator is Energy Star Certified!

  • One look at the LG Studio Collection and it’s clear: Beauty is more than just skin deep. In any showcase kitchen, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside.
  •  Nate Berkus-inspired line with pro-style features like hefty metal knobs and flat doors — for a suite that’s both well-designed and hardworking, giving you a kitchen you’ll love for years to come.
  • Refrigerators – Your guests can’t help but be drawn to the seamless design and impeccable styling of LG Studio refrigerators. The horizontally brushed stainless steel finish, flat-door design and all-metal tall ice and water dispenser enhance the design aesthetic of any kitchen.
  • Cooking – LG Studio delivers cooking precision, performance and versatility, combined with a streamlined, built-in look you’ll love. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, from flat-design, tilted control panels and robust, metal knobs to sleek wave handles and SmoothTouch glass controls.
  • Dish – LG Studio dishwashers feature ultraquiet 42 dB performance and a sleek and stylish exterior. LG tackles your toughest baked-on foods with ease — thanks to TrueSteam technology, prewashing (or rewashing) dishes is virtually a thing of the past.
  • Over-the-range microwaves – Sensor cooking technology senses humidity levels within the oven and automatically adjusts cooking time and performance to provide superior heating performance. LG’s Convection technology means your microwave really can serve as a second oven. Bake or roast your favorite foods in less time. Use TrueCookPlus to cook your food easily and perfectly every time.

Right now you can get 18 months major appliance financing or 10% rewards (increased from 5 to 10% for April!) and 10% back in grocery purchases (NEW – testing during this campaign).  You can ALSO get Free delivery on purchases $399+!  How awesome is that?!

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  1. I like that fridge! I like the idea of having the freezer on the bottom, I think you could probably store a lot more that way. Maybe we’ll be able to get a new fridge soon.

  2. I really appreciate companies that bring out energy saving appliances, it’s really awesome because they don’t only help you lower your bills, they also help save the environment. Thanks for sharing this new line from LG, I’ve been thinking about replacing my appliances for some time now.

  3. That looks so elegant! That fridge is so really great and amazing. I guess, I need to check this out.

  4. I love the fact that even appliances today have an energy rating which means that you can be far more conscious of what you are buying. The fact that they look good as well really helps!

  5. Cutting energy consumption is a good idea. The appliances run all day, every day in most everyone’s house. It def. adds up.

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