Let Your Local Law Enforcement Know You Care #ShareYourCare

Let Your Local Law Enforcement Know You Care #ShareYourCare

As most of you know, our family LOVES community outreach projects.  Because we enjoy doing things as a family, we often create our own projects and carry them out as a family.  When we heard that September 9, was going to be the Care Bears #ShareYourCare day; we knew we had to do something super awesome!  We decided, as a family, to do something for our local law enforcement officers.  Louisiana has been hit hard with violence against law enforcement officers lately and we thought showing our appreciation would be a fun way to show them we care.

Let Your Local Law Enforcement Know You Care #ShareYourCare

As I set out to figure out exactly what we would do and how we would carry it out; we all agreed we wanted something fun and upbeat.  I set off to the store and found these super cute little white bags and lots of candy!  The kids and I decorated 200 bags, put them together and filled them with goodies for the law enforcement staff.   I say the staff because we really wanted to treat the entire staff.  Everyone from the dispatcher, police officers and chief of police was treated with our little bags of treats.  This was, by far, the most fun outreach project we have ever done.

Let Your Local Law Enforcement Know You Care #ShareYourCare

Through this project, we gained a new perspective on law enforcement.  Every office had a different tone.  We were able to see the human side of law enforcement.  So, get out, in your community and make a difference to someone.  Do something good and fun to cheer someone up!

Let Your Local Law Enforcement Know You Care #ShareYourCare


The Care Bears are encouraging fans to spread caring, sharing, love, friendship, acceptance, fun and
happiness to those around them that day, and each and every day of the year! That day, Care Bears is participating in an event helping 10 year old Zach Kaplan of #ZachKapCares and his mission to gift children in need with a soft bear to hug at night by donating 400 Care Bears plush to Leake & Watts, a  head start program serving 8,000 in New York City and Westchester County!

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18 Replies to “Let Your Local Law Enforcement Know You Care #ShareYourCare”

  1. The #ShareYourCare program is a great way to show your support for so many different programs and people in our communities. I love that you came up with a nice way to show some appreciation and thank your local law enforcement. It really does make a difference!

  2. What a nice thing to do for out police officers! I hope they were moved by your sweet gesture. Good job on teaching your kids the value of giving back. 🙂

  3. What a great program! Care bears is my favorite when i was a kid. And i love the Bags it is perfect for my daughter’s birthday

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! What an absolutely great idea. Love the little bags and the time and care you and the kids put into making them. Great Job!

  5. Wow! I really love all these posts for Care Bears and what everyone is doing to show just how much they care. Giving back to the community is such a great way to help our neighbors too.

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