Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas #Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas #Thanksgiving How about a list of amazing Thanksgiving decoration ideas? We have found a great list of ideas from around the blogosphere. These are all from trusted bloggers and you can do them all yourself! Have fun with them and share with your family. Send us a picture once yours are complete. We’d love to share them here 🙂 Painted Mason Jars Vases Idea for Your Tablescape Thanksgiving Art Low Cost Decorative Pumpkins Luminary Thanksgiving Vase Burlap “Grateful” Sign Thanksgiving Banner Felt Flowers for Autumn “Organic” Centerpiece


HOW TO HOST A FRUGAL HOLIDAY MEAL With the holidays fast approaching you may be in a panic about how you can afford to host your traditional holiday meal. Use our tricks for How To Host A Frugal Holiday Meal and enjoy a great day with your family and friends at half the cost. Not only can you have all the foods you expect and desire, but you can do so without spending more than you can afford to. HOW TO HOST A FRUGAL HOLIDAY MEAL Go Potluck: One of

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Thankful Turkey

Thankful Turkey Photo credit: iVillage This thankful turkey is such a super adorable way to show everything your thankful for.  It is also a great way to show your little ones what Thanksgiving is all about while still having fun.  I love making holiday crafts with my kiddos that have meaning and this one is full of meaning.  This turkey also has construction paper and paper plates which totally puts it at the top of my kids’ “fun” list 😀  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!