How To Host A Frugal Holiday Meal

With the holidays fast approaching you may be in a panic about how you can afford to host your traditional holiday meal. Use our tricks for How To Host A Frugal Holiday Meal and enjoy a great day with your family and friends at half the cost. Not only can you have all the foods you expect and desire, but you can do so without spending more than you can afford to.


Go Potluck: One of the easiest ways to shave expenses for holiday meals is to ask your friends and family to each bring a dish. You provide the turkey, ham or beef roast and one other side dish while everyone else brings the other traditional sides. Not only does this help you manage to stay in budget, it gives you a chance to taste other peoples favorite dishes while not having to stress in the kitchen all day long.

Create A New Tradition: Just because past years have included a turkey with all the trimmings doesn’t mean you have to do that this year. Create a new tradition of sandwiches with chips and dip, burgers & hot dogs or even a fun pizza night. The holidays aren’t about the food you eat, but about the loving and giving spirit you present.

Don’t Make Everything On The List: While holidays usually mean a buffet or table laden with every favorite side dish known to man, you really don’t have to do them all. This year skip a few of the potato dishes and settle on just a few side items. Not only will there still be enough food, people will likely not be so stuffed and miserable after the meal. Keep the traditional turkey, stuffing and 3-4 simple side dish options. Only make one dessert this year instead of 10 different cakes, cookies and pies.

Shop The Sales: Take advantage of those last minute deals on supplies. Fight the crowds the day before to get the best prices on the turkey, sweet potatoes and corn on the cob. If you watch the sales for the month prior to the holiday, you may also be able to find great deals that help you stay in budget.

Hosting a great holiday meal doesn’t have to break your bank this year. Enjoy time with your family and friends and remember the spirit of love and giving while you manage to host a frugal holiday meal with our easy tips. Plan ahead and get the whole family involved for a great meal that everyone will remember for years to come.


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