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I am so excited to start this blog series!  I have been blogging for over 4 years and have been a personal shopper for Shop Your Way for a little over a year.  I have spent hours upon hours learning every little thing I could about Shop Your Way and finally feel like I know enough to help other Personal Shoppers 😀   Shop Your Way is such a unique and valuable tool to help us reach real people who are shopping every day!

First thing’s first; so you’re a personal shopper, now what?!  Well, the first things you need are a few clients.  You can get these anywhere.  I have gained clients at baseball games, football games, church, while running in the park, Facebook, Twitter, you name it!  People shop!  If you know people, then you know potential clients.  I had a hard time, at first, talking about Shop Your Way with people I know.  The main reason was because I wasn’t familiar with it.  Sure, I was familiar with Kmart, Sears, and Land’s End, but not Shop Your Way.  My goal, through this series, is to get you to a point where you are so excited about what you and your clients can do on Shop Your Way that you are excited to talk to everyone about it!

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Being a Personal Shopper isn’t just about gaining the most clients or having the most sales.  Shop Your Way should be an all-encompassing shopping experience for you and your clients.  I also have lots of fun on SYW with other Personal Shoppers who have become my friends.  Working together definitely has its perks.  So please, follow along as we take this journey together.  I will be adding tons of new articles.

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