Weight Loss Tips? Sheesh!

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I’d lose more weight holding helium balloons.  Yes, I really do feel that way sometimes!  I, much like many other people, need to see results.  When the results don’t come fast enough; I get frustrated.  When I get frustrated, one of two things happen:  either I quit my diet all together OR I start a crash diet.  Neither of these are good for my body or my chances real weight loss success.

Okay, I know I need to lose weight. That’s nothing new. And it’s not like I haven’t tried to lose weight before. I’ve lost a lot of weight over the years. But the weight has crept back even faster these last years.  How about you?  So, losing weight this time of year is the norm for me, as I am sure it is for you, too. The first place I look is all of that “free” advice in the popular magazines at the grocery store checkout. Right? I swear they just put fresh faces on the mag covers, and recycle the articles, year after year. Ever notice that?

I also see tons of “weight loss tips” and advice all over the online mags, and blogs, and articles I see.  The real problem is not plowing through the sheer volume of weight loss “tips.” It is that most of it is ineffective, short term, and re-hashed pop concepts. Worse, most of it is contradictory.

How am I, or you, or anyone else, supposed to piece together a lifestyle of real, and lasting weight loss? If I glued all the magazine tips together into one long article, it would run around my house three times. And it still wouldn’t make much sense.   What is missing is a consistent, beginning-to-end, simple, validated weight loss system. Now the Big Three weight loss companies (and a bunch of other companies, too) say they have all that. Trouble is, even though I lose weight with those programs, I ALWAYS GAIN IT BACK. How about you?  There are two serious problems I need to make weight loss work — and LAST.  I think it may be the same for you.

—First, I saw this short video about “How Diets Really Cause Weight Gain.” Check it out here.  It made a lot of sense. We just can’t starve our bodies into less weight, because when we do with low calorie diets, WE AUTOMATICALLY REGAIN IT. That’s a huge waste of money. Not to mention a lot of pain and loss of self-confidence to go with it.  What my body needs, what my future self needs, is an UnDiet. Diets don’t last, we all know that. Why keep doing the same thing over and over?

—Second, I need to learn how to NOT ReGain my lost weight. No one teaches us that. It’s not talked about in the magazine stands. Nor is it in the ads online. The Big 3 weight loss companies, the 90- Day Challenge-Type programs, and others of those kind don’t give us what we need.   There is also this bit longer version of the UnDiet video which really shows what you need to do to keep the weight off. See the “How to Keep if Off Diet” here.   It’s not an ad. It’s just the proven “No ReGain” science in real simple terms.

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