Walmart Helps Power Their Dreams #LetsPowerTheirDreams

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Walmart Helps Power Their Dreams #LetsPowerTheirDreams

As most of you know, the Olympic Games are starting this week.  The opening ceremonies are Friday night.  We are huge fans of sports around our house and the anticipation of the Olympic Games has my kiddos bouncing off the walls!  Every day our youngest two are literally climbing the walls trying new gymnastics and wrestling moves.  Just yesterday our youngest daughter ran two miles with my husband because she wants to be an Olympic runner one day.  She may, very well, do that.  We have always encouraged all of our children to try new things and push themselves to go beyond what they think is possible.  This is exactly what the Olympic Games does for so many athletes around the globe!  We will be watching as a family, as the opening ceremonies take place on Friday.

lets power their dreams

Our youngest is the most athletic of our three children.  Our son loves football and baseball and will try lots of other sports.  He’s not passionate about the sport like our youngest is.  When she finds a sport she loves, it becomes her passion.  She learns as much as she can about it and is determined to be the best in her league.  This is the kind of drive and determination that I hope she never loses and that will take her far in life.  This is also the kind of determination that each of the athletes in the Olympic Games displays and I cannot wait to share it with her.

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Walmart and P&G have teamed up with track and field Olympian, Allyson Felix to bring awareness of the Olympic Games and how they can help power your dreams and the dreams of your family.

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22 Replies to “Walmart Helps Power Their Dreams #LetsPowerTheirDreams”

  1. This is great! Our kids need to get outside more and do more fun activities that involve more than just their fingers on a joystick. Outdoor sports need to become more of a priority in our children’s lives.

  2. Kids can be easily motivated to follow their passion and it’s awesome that Walmart is supporting this. It’s important that we support our kids when it comes to following their dreams and making them com true!

  3. My family is one who goes through ridiculous amounts of paper towel. I finally figured out that with using Select-a-Size, we conserve on usage by a zillion!

  4. This is awesome to know. I had no idea Walmart and P&G have teamed up with track and field Olympian to bring awareness of the Olympic Games and help power dreams for family.

  5. My son is like your daughter. Once he finds something he likes it becomes his passion. He slept with a baseball glove for years.

  6. I think starting in sports at a young age is so rewarding. I bet it’s a lot of fun to watch your kids participate in sports, and to see all of their growth. I was a late bloomer, and probably could have done much better if I was a part of team sports when younger.

  7. I always try to make my children feel that they are rock stars! I love that P&G is doing this for kids to be made to feel like they can have their passion and feel the best they can in it.

  8. bounty is an awesome brand! the kids looks amazing with their olympic chosen sports! my daughter loves tennis and swimming!

  9. I love the idea! It is awesome seeing big brands helping and reaching out to small communities. Keep up the good job!

  10. Nice team up then for a good cause. Its always very nice of companies to think of activities for its community or clientele and partnering with other brands for a more beautiful collaboration.

  11. I love to hear stories like this! It is so important that we give back when we can and that includes big stores and brands.

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