Vicks Kicked The Flu To The Curb

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Although our 3 kids and I have not suffered the normal colds and flu this season; my husband wasn’t as lucky.  It was definitely time for Vicks to kick the flu to the curb around our house.  My husband woke up 4 days ago with an itchy throat and it has just been downhill since then.  Thank goodness we had the Vicks Nyquil and Dayquil Severe that I bought last week.  the second night of feeling bad, sniffling, sneezing, runny nose, and cough; my husband took the Vicks Nyquil Severe and woke up feeling well enough to go to work.  After breakfast, he took the Vicks Dayquil Severe and felt instant relief from his stuffy head.  He was able to finish his day’s work and head home and rest.

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Nyquil is always a staple in our cabinet just for times like these!  Right Nyquil and Dayquil Severe are on Rollback at our local Walmart for a great price!  Be sure to go get yours before you need them so you have them on-hand when you need them.  Nothing worse than having to get out on a cold night when you’re feeling bad already.  It is so easy to just walk over to the cold and flu aisle at your local Walmart and toss a bottle in your basket for later.

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