Twisting Russians to Lose Weight?

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core kissing frogs
I am so tired of “kissing frogs” and watching perfectly sculpted women telling me what I need to do to lose weight.  I haven’t made it this far in life to not know that I need to make changes.  Knowing that I need the changes and finding a way to fit these changes into my busy life are two different things.
I really wanted to lose weight with that Tough Trainer lady. She looks amazing…who wouldn’t want to look like that?  Her recipes look amazing too. Yummy.  But, then I checked out her exercise program. Yee Gads! Half-Crow Push-up? Lunge Chopper? Russian Twists? Hack Squat? Come on, I can’t push any crows or twist any Russians. Let alone hack my squat. I need to lose weight first to get in enough shape to do any of that.
I have to say, I really just want to lose weight. No gimmicks. No food served in boxes by UPS. And no Twist of Russians. I saw this short video that explains why DIETS REALLY CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN. Check it out. It’s only about 1-and-a-half-minutes long, but it made a lot of sense to me.  I’m ready to undiet. How about you?

I’ve heard about the #CoreUnDiet, and where to get a FREE sample. I’m going to try it, and save my Hack Squats, Lunge Choppers and Russian friends for another day.

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