The Music Of Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast

*I received an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for the coverage of several press events for Disney and ABC. All opinions are 100% my own and we only recommend shows that are a great fit for our readers.

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While I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview the music supervisor Brett Swain & Bleu from Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast.  I could have never imagined how exciting and intense it would be to learn about the music used in a movie.  I was truly captivated by all of the creativity from Brett Swain & Bleu! As I sat there listening to how they used clay pots, garbage cans, corrugaphones, and other non-traditional methods of creating the music for this movie, I couldn’t help to get excited to get home and share this with my kiddos who LOVE music!  It was amazing to see how the music was made and how we can all make music, really, with anything.  We did get to talk with Bleu and Brett Swain, but a lot of it was Bleu explaining how everything worked in the movie.  I’m going to post a few excerpts from his speaking, but even more awesome, was that I was able to capture some of it on video!  It’s very cool, so be sure to read all the way to the bottom and watch the video 😀

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Bleu did most of the talking, but it was cute to watch the back-and-forth between he and Brett Swain…

Bleu:  I’m Bleu and I produced all the songs in the Film. I wrote a couple of them and I worked on the sound and color pallet of unusual instruments.  Let me tell you a little bit of how we got to the sounds of the Film, the Score, talk about themes and all of that. One of the things we do when we’re talking about the Music for the Film is have themes for each of the Characters. In this case, you know, we were talking about things for Fawn, things for Gruff, Nix, the Storm in this case because it doesn’t necessarily have to be a person. It can be something that’s very important to the Film.

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Bleu:  A lot of times when we come up with these themes, they’re Melodic things.  They’re tunes and, for this Film, we not only wanted melodic themes for the characters but we also wanted just really peculiar and  unique sounds. In the case of Gruff, primitive and Ancient because we don’t know where he’s come from. There’s a part of Pixie Hollow that we haven’t been to before. So um, Steve wanted to challenge me to come up with unique sounds so that the minute you heard it, we knew it was associated with that Character.

The best way to get a good grasp of how very cool this whole experience was, is to watch what was happening during the interview.

From Disney:

Return to Pixie Hollow for a heartwarming adventure, Disney’s Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. An ancient myth of a massive creature sparks the curiosity of Tinker Bell and her good friend Fawn, an animal fairy who’s not afraid to break the rules to help an animal in need. But this creature is not welcome in Pixie Hollow — and the scout fairies are determined to capture the mysterious beast, who they fear will destroy their home. Fawn must convince her fairy friends to risk everything to rescue the NeverBeast. This thrilling action-adventure roars to life with never-before-seen bonus extras on Disney Blu-ray.

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