One question I get asked a LOT is how to save money on fresh produce.  Well, there is really only one good answer: buy them in-season.  The best way to save money on fresh fruits and veggies is to know when the harvest season is for that item and purchase it then.  Freezing fresh produce is a great way to lock in all of their great flavor and nutrients.  You can blanch them and seal them in freezer bags or flash freeze them (This is my favorite method.  You can read more about Flash Freezing HERE)!  Most fresh produce will stay fresh in your freezer for up to 6 months.  I have added a chart of the harvest season for the most popular fruits and veggies.  I hope you enjoy!

Thank you Santee Patch 🙂
Spring Season (March, April, May)

Vegetable Fruit
Asparagus Apricots
Artichokes Honeydew
Corn Limes
Green Beans Mango
Mustard Greens Orange
Swiss Chard Pineapple
Watercress Strawberry

Summer Season (June, July, August)

Vegetable Fruit
Beats Berries
Bell Peppers Cantaloupe
Corn Cherries
Cucumbers Grapefruit
Lima Beans Grapes
Tomatoes Plums
Zucchini Watermelon

Fall Season (September, October, November)

Vegetable Fruit
Acorn Squash Apple
Broccoli Cranberries
Cauliflower Guava
Garlic Passion Fruit
Mushrooms Pineapple
Jalapeno Peppers Pear
Pumpkin Pomegranate

Winter (December, January February)

Vegetable Fruit
Belgian Endive Clementine
Brussels Sprouts Grapefruit
Collard Greens Kiwifruit
Kale Red Banana
Sweet dumpling Squash Passion fruit
Sweet Potatoes Pears
Turnips Tangerines

Year round

Vegetable Fruit
Avocado Apples
Carrots Bananas
Celery Coconut
Lettuce Lemons
Mushrooms Papayas
Olives Dried Apricots

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