Save Big This Back To School Season

Save Big This Back To School Season

As a parent the end of summer can be stressful.  It also means it’s time to figure out some great ways to save on kids back to school clothes.   Right now, in Acadiana, we have a lot of people unemployed and under employed.  We have some great tips to help you save on your back to school shopping this school year.  These may require you to think outside of the box and step out of your comfort zone, but they work and you will see a huge decrease in your back to school budget!

Use Cashback sites.  First and foremost, when shopping online, you always want to use cashback sites like Ebates.  I always, always, always use Ebates.  You can even use their mobile app in-store.  As a matter of fact, I just got 12% cashback on a hotel room I booked using Ebates 🙂

Shop discount online stores. We love websites like ThredUp, Schoola and even eBay and Craigslist for great gently used and even on occasion brand new kids back to school clothes at a fraction of the price. ThredUp and Schoola offer on site credit when you send clothing in for them to sell. Bonus to us is clearing out the kids closets while getting great new clothes they need.

Use store and brand coupons. Sign up for every store email newsletter and combine the coupons they send out with in-store sales. There are often tons of great deals that offer 25%-40% of brand new items your kids can use. If you prefer online shopping, look for free shipping codes to make it even more affordable.

Shop clearance racks year round. There are often things like t-shirts and elastic waist shorts or pants that will be flexible within a size or two range that you can grab in advance from clearance racks. We always grab post holiday t-shirts for the kids for the following year holiday season. For 75% off you can find great t-shirts and sweatshirts for only $1-$3 a lot of the time.

Shop yard sales and thrift shops. Okay, you may have to do this without your kids there, but back to school season is a great time to check out your local thrift shops as well as yard sales. Gently used clothing for under $5 per piece is easy to find at our Goodwill stores, Salvation Army and especially local yard sales. I love shopping at Once Upon A Child and Clothes Mentor as well.  Watch your classified sections for postings and head out early to get the best deals.

Local classified groups. Check out local classified groups on Facebook, Freecycle and Yahoo groups for discounted, free or low priced kids clothes people are trying to get rid of and make a few dollars off of. You can easily find blue jeans and t-shirts in good to great condition for $1-$2 in these groups. You usually have to meet to pick this stuff up, but it is cheaper than paying shipping or buying brands in store.

Shop during tax-free weekend.  Louisiana annual sales tax holiday is Friday, August 4, and Saturday, August 5 this year.  You can save big, especially on big-ticket items such as laptops and tablets.

These ways to save on kids back to school clothes are easy to work into your budget this year. Whether you are shopping for one child or five, these tips are sure to save you tons of money. Never pay full price for kids clothing when you can check into these many options that save money and give your family great new clothes to enjoy this school year.

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  1. These are really good tips. My daughters went to a private school with a uniform. You would think they would hate uniforms, but even as a teenager they liked them. No wondering what to wear when they got up. And they fit three years so while one skirt was thirty some dollars, they would wear them multiple years. I don’t think Indiana has a tax free day, but what a great tip for those states who do.

  2. Normally I look out for discounts, sales, and stores that offer coupons. It’s also nice to shop before the season because the price is not that high. These are helpful tips and I’m sure a lot of parents will appreciate them!

  3. These are great tips! I actually love thrift shopping. It is actually one of the ways to shop in the UK that is considered normal. Finding treasures that were once someone elses is fun.

  4. We also take advantage of the tax free weekend to get some of our bigger items that we have put off. Clothing shopping year round really does save when it comes down to it so that you are not buying everything at once.

  5. It’s great that you actually have a tax free event where you can get discounted school supplies. Your tips are great, shopping before the season is the best.

  6. Eeep, is it really back to school time already? I can’t wait, but I’m not ready for it at all. Great tips.

  7. I love being able to save, especially with back to school stuff. I usually check around for the best deals. I also use coupons when possible and check online too.

  8. Back to school already! Thanks for the tips. I don’t have school-aged kids yet. They are still babies but I’ll keep these great tips in mind.

  9. I love the tax-free weekend shopping! Bringing kids at school can be really expensive, thanks for the tips!

  10. These are such great tips! Saving money is so important and back to school can be so expensive when you have multiple kids! I am always watching for deals and clearance!

  11. I like going to clearance racks, I find useful and great items there. My son will be going to school next year.

  12. I agree that we have to always save no matter what. That’s why I am loving this post. A post where I can find tips on how to save big this back to school season. Thanks for the tips. Appreciated.

  13. One great tips!!! I’m all about finding stuff on clearance! I have been having awesome luck with that lately!

  14. These are awesome tips! Absolutely, tax free weekend is the best way for me to save money when it comes to buying school supplies.

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