Save A Lot Now Carries Suave Products!

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If you read this blog much, you know how much I love the low prices at Save A Lot.  I’ve been shopping at Save A Lot for many years and just found out that they are now carrying Suave, Dove, and Caress products!  Why is this important to me?  Well, I love any reason not to go to those “big box stores”.  Any time my favorite local grocery store starts carrying national brands, it becomes much easier for me to bypass the larger stores and pick up everything I need at Save A Lot.  This makes me very happy 😀  I am always excited to get another project from #SaveALotInsiders!

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As usual, our local Save A Lot, in Opelousas, was very clean and welcoming.  I know you have to know that this is a rare occurrence these days for most stores.  I have my favorite stores where I love to shop and cleanliness and customer service are at the top of my list of reasons why I choose these stores.  It was super easy for me to find the new Suave products at the store since they were all right where they should be!  I went right over, picked them up, and tossed them in my basket.  Easy peasy, and now it was time to get my grocery shopping done.

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Most of  you know that my husband and I have 3 children.  Our oldest and youngest are girls and both have very long hair.  We could really buy detangling spray by the gallon if we could find it LOL  Our youngest daughter has very curly hair that she is determined to brush herself.  Suave Kids Detangler helps her do just that.  All 3 of our children just love the Suave Kids 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner because it smells great!  I love it because it leaves their hair soft and shiny without breaking the bank (prices may vary on location)!

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I am a hairspray fanatic!  My hair is curly enough to be curly when I want it to be but not so curly that I cannot easily straighten it.  One tip I learned, many years ago, about getting your hair fuller and getting it to hold it’s style; is to spray a little bit of hairspray on it before you blow it dry.  This helps your hair hold it’s shape and it is great for keeping hair pins in place 😀

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