Mom Fights for Her Health With Positive Attitude

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Some of my greatest motivations in life are my children.  Sometimes they can also be my greatest obstacle, especially since mine are still very young.   Excess weight is one of the biggest sources of holding us back not only for the medical reasons. It prevents us from doing things we desire with all of our hearts – be with kids, run with them, play their favorite sport, attend their life-important functions to mention a few.
When I hear successful stories like this one from Leyla Nava, it inspires me to do what I am doing, to keep me on track and continue on the path of active lifestyle.

leyla nava

The things we do for our children and family are sometimes the things we do not do by ourselves. That is WHY we need support every time we start on the path of a Change, any change.
Weight Loss and then its Maintenance do call for a Support Group that would cheer us up and keep us focused on our daily small steps we need to take to continue living live with abundance.
Thank you, Leyla, for your reminder to do just that!

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