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I was recently given the awesome opportunity to review 2 LeapFrog Leapbands. The kids were so excited, partly because they had a new “gadget” but mostly because we were inviting a couple of their friends over to help them play with them!  We planned a party for 10 kids and everyone was so excited.  The new Leapbands came out on September 6, which is also Fit Made Fun day.  So, we planned outdoor activities to help them get active with their friends.  In true south Louisiana style, it rained on that day LOL  The rain couldn’t stop our fun though.  We set up our yogurt bar and let the party begin!

We started with making a yogurt parfait bar with our CLIF Kid protein bars. The peanut butter bars disappeared early on in the day. I chopped two of the chocolate chip bars and put them in a bowl. Along with the yogurt and strawberries, this was the perfect treat for getting active.


Hannah LOVED her parfait!  She’s my little experimenter.  Everyone made her try it first before they would try.  Once she gave the “thumbs up” they all dug in.  We also used this recipe for breakfast a few days last week and they loved it!  We switched it up with blueberries and peaches 😀


Next, we opened our Leapbands.  They were soooo cool!  Once we got them up and running the kids were off and playing.  They were so super easy to get started.  I think my favorite feature was that it automatically prompts you to set the play time.  Our bands lock at 8:30 at night and don’t unlock again until 6:30 the next morning.  The kids didn’t like this too much, but I sure did LOL


They wore their Leapbands to church and on a trip to New Orleans.  Isaiah (our 9 year old) said it was better than his iPad 😀  Although the Leapbands were tons of fun, I don’t know about beating out the iPad LOL  They were leaping like a frog, popping like popcorn, and slithering like a worm all day long.  They even learned how to “run” in the truck on our road trip.


This was such a fun day and a super fun experience.  The Leapfrog Leapband is now a part of our everyday life!  We have even incorporated it into our homeschool day.  Isaiah is able to log his Leapband activities in his physical education class.

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