There will never be a better time to start couponing than TODAY!

Do your coupons expire before you ever get a chance to use them? Organizing your coupons will help! I used the “envelope system” for months, but this got very difficult when I started *serious* couponing LOL

1. Use a 1-2 inch 3-ring binder: You can start with a 1″ then work your way up (I’m up to a 3 inch binder now). I am all about thrifty, so I don’t spend a lot on my binder. I also carry my binder in this AWESOME reusable tote that I got for FREE. Now, I’ve been using this tote for over a year, so it’s starting to show some wear.  This bag has held up great considering how much I use it!  You can get yourself a free tote HERE!
coupon binder

2. Coupon holders:  I use baseball card holders which can be found at most hobby stores, Walmart, Target and Fred’s. They are usually located right with baseball and football cards. At Walmart, they’re by the front registers. I love to use the different size holders at amazon.  You can find all different sizes that are great for the different shapes of all your coupons HERE.  This assortment will have sleeves that are perfect for all your coupons as well as register rewards and internet printable coupons!  I have all of these in my binder.
coupon binder1
3.   Section Dividers: You’ll need to divide each section to make it easier to find.   Some people like to organize their binder according to the aisles of their favorite store.   I shop at so many different stores; I use the categories found at as a guide:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Baby & Toddler
  • Beverages
  • Books & Magazines
  • Entertainment
  • Flowers & Gifts
  • Foods
  • Health Care
  • Home Entertainment
  • Household
  • Misc.
  • Office Supplies
  • Personal Care
  • Pet Care
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants
  • Store coupons
  • Toys and Games
  • Travel

coupon binder2

Zip pouches are also great for the front of your binder to hold your calculator, scissors, and ink pen.  Being organized is essential and you must choose what works for you.  I have used several different methods, but keep coming back to my trusty binder.

You can find all the supplies you need at 🙂


4 Replies to “How to Organize a Coupon Binder”

  1. Wal Mart also has coupon sleeves now in the same area as the baseball card sleeves. The package has 4 different sizes and they work great and are a little stronger than the other…and i also use the zippered pouches, but i use them to keep the coupons in that I am using for multiple transactions. that way they don’t get mixed up and when i am able to double the coupon for up to 10 coupons, then i just start putting a new transaction in the next pouch. just thought i would pass on some tricks i learned…

  2. I made a little pouch that hangs from the cart to put the “use now” coupons in after I place that item in my cart. It works great!

  3. thank you for posting this! I have the binder and I have the material I need to get started but I always get over whelmed when it comes to putting the binder together. Your layout will help me greatly. Thanks for sharing.!!

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