Halloween Prank Ideas That Are Sure To Make Them Scream #BestBuyHalloween

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Halloween Prank Ideas That Are Sure To Make Them Scream #BestBuyHalloween

Do you love Halloween? I never thought of Best Buy for Halloween decorations before this year!  They have some amazingly fun ideas for pranking your kids or neighbors that are sure to make you the Halloween star of your neighborhood.  Do you look forward to decorating and setting up scary Halloween pranks and haunted houses? We have discovered that Best Buy has ideas for using technology to make Halloween a bit more spooky and fun.  These videos show you how to use everyday technology and things you already use to create some spooky fun!  For some people, Halloween is the most fun part of the year and this shrunken head prank is so much fun and easy, everyone is sure to love it!  Your friends and family are going to be asking you to decorate for them next year, which may or may not be a good thing 🙂

Halloween Prank Ideas That Are Sure To Make Them Scream #BestBuyHalloween


How to shock friends with a cupboard full of human heads in jars.


Pickled pigs’ feet in a jar is creepy enough. A cupboard full of preserved human heads is quite another thing. All it takes is a digital camera, a color printer and a little creativity. You can make shrunken heads, too. For friends with a smaller appetite for fright.

All 5 of these ideas/videos can be found over at Best Buy:

  1. Haunted House Preserved Head
  2. Haunted House Snap-a-Fright
  3. Haunted House Skitter & Scare
  4. Haunted House Mirror Mirror
  5. Haunted House Wicked Washroom
  • My husband’s family are big pranksters. I don’t like that kind of stuff, but they are big into it.

  • I love the preserved heads! Not to scary and fun!

  • I need to make one of these to scare my kids. I could hide it in the fridge.

  • I never would thought of Best Buy for Halloween either. I love the idea of combining media to make a great prank.

  • This would be fun to do. I like the idea of putting one in the fridge. They would flip out!

  • Those jar heads were great. Halloween Prank Ideas with Best Buy are fun!.

  • All interesting.

  • I think the face on the largest container would get a jump out of my friend, for sure! I will have to get my pantry ready for Halloween now!

  • This seems like it would be fun to do!

  • How fun is this lol i need to buy this for Halloween and scare my kids and the two nephews

  • The heads in the jars are wonderful.

  • Ha! That is hilarious! If we end up having a party this year (yeah yeah, we’re last minute!), I’m totally doing the preserved heads.

  • My husband and son will love these ideas. They are the family pranksters.

  • So funny! I love that your natural reaction would really be shock or surprise the moment you lay your eyes on the jars. Very cool, indeed.

  • I almost made these for a Halloween party I threw last year!! I just didn’t have time to get them laminated:(. The wireless sound effect is new though….how fun/hilarious/creepy. Happy Halloween!

  • Haha those are so great! Awesome idea!

  • Hilarious! These would totally creep me out for sure 😀

  • Those glass jars are completely cracking me up! What a fun thing to do!

  • so cool, i love a good scare

  • My husbands family would love those. Mine are a bit too serious for it.

  • I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I suppose fun pranks that don’t harm people or scare them too badly are OK. Not sure about the “heads” in jars, though – not with the horrific beheadings going on, as perpetrated by ISIS and copy cat criminals even here in the US.

  • I’m not a huge fan of pranks. But my husband can take it to a whole new level! He would love this prak!

  • LOL, who would thought that BestBuy would have pranks! Great post just in time for Halloween.

  • Haha I love it that would be a great prank to play on an unsuspecting person.

  • Cool idea for Halloween. Not so sure how my kids would like it though haha… unless they are pulling the prank on someone.

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