Grab A Wholesome Snack On The Go With Emerald Nuts

Grab A Wholesome Snack On The Go With Emerald Nuts

School has started back y’all!  You know what that means, don’t you?  Hungry, hungry kids after school.  My kids have always been huge fans of all kinds of nuts and nutty snacks.  Emerald® Nuts have long been a staple in our pantry.  We have been buying  Emerald Breakfast On the Go!™  for a couple of years.  They make great snacks on road trips and camping trips.  Now they have the new Emerald Breakfast On the Go!™ Nutty Bites which are even more appealing than their original breakfast variety.

Grab A Wholesome Snack On The Go With Emerald Nuts

We love to take walks and almost always take Decker, our black lab, along.  He’s such a sweet rescue pup!  My 10 year old son and 9 year old daughter both have different ideas of what tastes yummy for a snack, so they always take something different.  I think, a lot of times, they do it just to be different.  Hannah likes bags.  She puts everything in a bag, so the Emerald Breakfast On the Go Nutty Bites are perfect to fit in her little bag or even her pocket (not that she ever uses her pockets).  They really are a great size and have the little bit of sweet she’s always craving.

Grab A Wholesome Snack On The Go With Emerald Nuts

Isaiah, on the other hand, loves salty nuts.  He’s not as big of a fan of sweet snacks as Hannah is, so he will take a can of Emerald Nuts.  He’s a boy and LOVES to have something to carry in his hand.  I’m not sure if that’s a boy thing or what, but he always has something in his hand.  I think it makes him feel strong 😀  Having a can to rattle and make noise to annoy his little sister is just an added bonus!

Grab A Wholesome Snack On The Go With Emerald Nuts

So, now, why Emerald brand and not some other brand?  You know, that’s a good question.  We have always loved Emerald.  Maybe we’re spoiled to them, but when it comes to salty snacks I am very picky.  I don’t really change brands often.  It’s kind of the same reason I use the same brand of Cajun seasoning; because I like it and I know how much salt is in it.  I don’t like to be surprised by too much or too little salt.  To me, that ruins a salty snack.  I always know what to expect from Emerald and it is just the right amount for us 😀

Grab A Wholesome Snack On The Go With Emerald Nuts

Emerald Breakfast on the go! Is available at Walmart stores nationwide and Emerald Nuts canisters are available EXLUSIVELY at Walmart, so get a little nuttier this summer with Emerald Nuts!  Emerald Nuts wants to know how you snack and eat nuts. Take this 10 minute survey; they will be sending a $5 Walmart gift cards to the first 100 people that fully complete the survey (U.S. citizens only, must be 18 years or older to participate) HERE! Be sure to like  Emerald on facebook.  

* Right now you can print a coupon for $0.65 off 1 Emerald Nut item.  Print your coupon now!

  • We already snack on Emerald nuts a lot in our family. We all love them.

  • YUM! I love nuts. Your kids look like they had a lot of fun with this as well.

  • Nuts are one my go-to snacks. It’s always good when you find a product that you can trust will be good.

  • Great family emerald nuts is the best one of my favorite.

  • I love nuts!!! Unfortunately my toddler won’t touch the things -_- hopefully one day since they are loaded with nutrition

  • That’s me!! I’m always snacking on nuts! I even add them to my Cherrios in the morning!! Great post, this one, to remind people to add nuts to their diet!

  • Yum! I’ve never tried emerald nuts but I will definitely grab some when I go to walamrt

  • Must try them with my granddaughter – not sure how she will respond.

  • I haven’t tried Emerald Nuts. But I love the idea of a healthy snack on the go.

  • I buy Emerald nuts but I’ve never seen the breakfast on the go. That sounds like a good one to try!

  • This is such an awesome, and healthy snack idea!

  • We love nuts in our family, they make such a healthy and filling snack. Thank you for sharing.

  • My kids are nuts about nuts and they love snacking on Emerald nuts. I really don’t mind as nuts are way healthier than sugary snacks.

  • I love oats, so that pack of breakfast on the go would be something that I’d enjoy snacking on. Hehe. I’ve been hearing a lot about Emerald these days.

  • I love both sweet and salty! I think I need to try both. YUMMY!

  • Love these! I actually get the 100 calorie packs for myself, and the others for the kids. Thanks for the coupon.

  • My kids would loves nuts for they snack, i try this Emerald Nuts , they would surely love this

  • I love a snack of almonds and cheese.

  • Those snacks look really good. I love having a few cashews mid afternoon as a snack.

  • These look great. We keep pistachios around for snacks.

  • looks yummyI’ll have to try them and see what my kids think

  • Nuts are one of our favorite snacks and perfect for our busy schedule!

  • The Emerald nuts in the container are one of my favorite snacks. I have yet to try the Breakfast On The Go Nutty Bites. My kids would love these for sure and they would be perfect for my son going to college. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nuts are so filling and healthy. I’ve just gotta get my kids to eat them more.

  • Love Emerald Nuts. Those butes look tasty.

  • Not a big fan of nuts, but I would give these a try!

  • I LOVE seeing kids enjoy healthy snacks!

  • These are so easy to take with me and they are delicious and healthy.

  • I love the Emerald Nuts in green canisters especially the Deluxe Mixed nuts.

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