Fun and Simple Easter Bunny Cake

Fun and Simple Easter Bunny Cake

Fun and Simple Easter Bunny Cake

Oh yeah!  This fun and simple Easter Bunny Cake is so easy, you’re going to be sad you haven’t tried it alread LOL Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom did it again 😀  I found a great idea, tried it, made it mine, AND made it simple to share with you.  This cake turned out so cute and was so easy to make; you are going to LOVE it!  I encourage everyone to try their hand at making things yourself.  Not only does it boost your Mommy-confidence, but your kids will think you’re a GENIUS ♥

Gather your supplies:

  • 1 box of your favorite cake mix and white icing
  • 2-8 inch cake pans
  • 1 bag Easter M&M’s
  • 1 bag Jelly Beans
  • Sugar sprinkles (white or pink)

Fun and Simple Easter Bunny Cake

Get to baking:

  1. Prepare your cakes in the cake pans as directed on the mix or cake recipe you are using. After they are finished baking, allow to cool for 1 hour. After the cakes are cooled, turn 1 of the cakes(bottom up) on a plate, cover and place in the freezer for 1 hour.
  2. Lay the round cake that is not frozen, flat side up, about 8 inches from the bottom of a 24″ cake board (you can also use cardboard lined with aluminum foil or wax paper.  Ice this cake.
  3. Either draw free hand the shape of the ears and bow tie out of the second cake or use the edge of the round cake pan as your guide (I use the edge of the round cake pan as my guide).
  4. Add the “bow tie” and “ears” to the board and ice them with the white icing.
  5. Use your M&M’s, Jelly Beans, sugar sprinkles and leftover icing to decorate the “bunny”!  Be creative, make it your own.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s what makes it yours 😀

*Tip:  If you plan on doing much baking at all, it is worth the $5 investment to get icing bags and tips.  You can get the reusable tips at Walmart in the party supply section for just a few dollars.  I also use the disposable icing bags to decorate my cakes.  This way you can use any leftover frosting for decorating.  Buying already dyed frosting, ready to use can get pricey and it is super simple to color your own frosting with food coloring and use the icing bags 🙂  ENJOY!

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15 Replies to “Fun and Simple Easter Bunny Cake”

  1. I usually make this cake every Easter for my Gkids, only I put coconut on it and tinted green coconut sprinkled around it like grass. Tint some pink for center of ears. Gkids love it.

  2. I used to have a booklet that showed how to cut different designs on cakes. It mysteriously disappeared when we moved. Never did find it. Thanks for sharing this! Brenda

  3. 52 or 53 years ago I got a little book that showed you could make this and other cut up cakes . I have made a house , a butterfly ,a dog, an airplane and others out of round , square , and rectangle pan . Some how it has gotten lost and I can’t remember who published it . I even made a witch for Halloween.

  4. my sister made this when we were youngsters, today i mentioned this to her and now am responsible this year to make this, we are senior citizens now. 🙂

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