Forgetting Time in Venice

If you have ever wanted to leave the 21st century behind and still keep some modern amenities, Venice is the city for you. Hotels in Venice range from affordable to luxury, and they all offer easy access to this timeless city of gondolas and costumes.

Geographic Isolation

Venice consists of several islands connected to the mainland by bridge or water taxis. Its location encouraged centuries of trade and business along the Adriatic and as far as the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Separated by canals, Venice owes its sense of timelessness to its insular nature. Hotel Marconi is an affordable hotel located on the most important canal, the Grand Canal, which runs between the two largest islands in Venice.

Gondolas as Transportation

The famous gondolas of Venice can be used for simple transportation or for a romantic sightseeing adventure. Although there is a bus service and plenty of cars in Venice, many locals and tourists choose to walk or take gondolas. The four-star Papadopoli Venezia is a choice hotel if you want to relax a short distance from the throngs of tourists at San Marco and still access the canal system.

Tourists and Locals in Costume

Fashion design, Interior design, architecture, opera and the fine arts all flourish in Venice. The creative and colorful masks for which the city is known are designed for the annual Carnival celebration. These masks are often worn by locals artists–and even some tourists–throughout the year. With artists creating watercolor paintings lining the piazzas and street performers in costumes, tourists often forget in which century they reside. Hotel La Fenice Et Des Artistes is located near the La Fenice Opera House and just a short walk to Piazza San Marco. It’s a good location if you want to take advantage of the arts scene.

If you find yourself miss driving around, the nearby Best Western Olimpia in the Santa Croce Neighborhood is an affordable option. Whether you want to don a mysterious Carnival mask or enjoy a cappuccino in a cafe, there are many opportunities to forget the modern world in Venice.

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