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I want to talk to you for a few minutes about a little film called Feast.  Have you heard that Big Hero 6 is coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD next week?  Well, it’s coming out on February 24 to be exact.  We saw it at the movie theater last year and have watched it on an early release of the DVD about 20 times over the last week LOL  There is one little part of Big Hero 6 that I really want to tell you about today if you weren’t already aware.  There’s a short, 6 minute film at the beginning of Big Hero 6 called Feast.  Feast is a super cute story about a puppy and his owner. In that 6 minutes you learn about love, loss, resilience and most of all, FOOD!

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Photo credit: Disney

Do you remember the feature film “Bolt,” from 2008?  Well, Patrick Osborne, the director of Feast was part of that film too!  My kids loved Bolt!  Osborne also worked on the “Prep & Landing” movies and Disney’s 2010 hit “Tangled.” Osborne was also head of animation for WDAS’ Oscar®-winning short “Paperman,” and acted as co-head of animation for the upcoming feature “Big Hero 6” prior to assuming full-time directing duties for “Feast.”  It was amazing to get to sit font-and-center and listen to his creativity and ideas behind Feast!  I may have mentioned this before, but my oldest daughter is very interested in animation and all things Disney 😀

Photo credit: Disney

It was amazing to listen to how the animation developed over the course of Feast.  There are little details that go into this short film, such as the dust particles in the air.  Yes, even the dust particles in the film were thought out.  It’s not something you really think of when you’re watching a film but something like dust particles add texture to the film and help give a frame of reference, thus a more realistic ‘feel’ to the film.  I was just entranced by every word that was being spoken by Patrick Osborne.

During Osborne’s presentation the question was asked:  How long, from beginning to end, did it take?

Patrick Osborne:  Green-light to finish, it was 51 weeks.

Question:  How many people were working on this?

Patrick Osborne:  There were five people on it for nine months of that.  I was just by myself for the first couple of weeks.  The actual shot production was fourteen weeks; from January 13th to April 28th last year.  On that part we had 20 animators for three weeks, and then we had ten lighters for a month and a half then about six effects artists and three sculptors.  It ends up being a team of about 60 total that touch it, plus there’s support from the studio too.

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Big Hero 6 comes to Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere on February 3 & Blu-ray February 24!

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