Easter Basket Cake

Easter Basket Cake.  I pride myself on sharing only the easiest recipes and DIY projects on my site.  I believe that as long as it is homemade, with love, you can’t go wrong in the eyes of your kids (or husband).  This is a super cute Easter basket cake that I found and decided to try for myself.  It was easy to make and WAY cheaper than buying one at the store.

Easter Basket Cake

Gather supplies:

  • 1 cake mix (your favorite)
  • Icing/any color (can be homemade or store bought)
  • 3 quart glass caserole dish
  • Easter M&M’s
  • Jelly Beans
  • 2 Pipe cleaners (chenille sticks)
  • Ribbon or tulle for decoration
  • Edible Easter grass (or coconut flakes with green food coloring added)

1.  In your round 3 quart casserole, prepare cake as directed on the box and allow to cool.  I placed the glass dish on top of the cake while it was cooling to help flatten the top.  Now, I don’t have to cut the top of the cake 🙂
Easter Basket Cake Easter Basket Cake

2.  Turn the cake upside down on plate and ice.  Make “basket weave” design in the sides of the icing with a spoon or knife.
Easter Basket Cake

3.  Decorate the cake with edible grass, jelly beans, M&M’s, and Peeps 🙂  Finally add the pipe cleaner for the handle and wrap with ribbon or tulle.
Easter Basket Cake

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