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If you are a couponing newbie, or even if you have a few years under your belt, you might notice that some coupons are just plain hard to come by. You may feel that when it comes to certain products, you have no choice but to just pay full price. Organic foods, produce, baby items, meat products and more seem to be lacking in the coupon availability department. While the reason is unknown, it is evident that some products just don’t typically have a plethora of coupons available for them. So does this mean you resort to paying full price? No way! Below, you will find some helpful tips and resources for locating those hard to find coupons!

We have taken a great deal of leg work out of the searching process and compiled some helpful tips as well as links to get you to those hard to find coupons. Pay full price for meat, organic items, baby, and produce products no more. Instead, take a peek below and learn how to save even on these products!

Tips for Locating Those Hard to Find Coupons:

Tip #1: Company Websites are Key
Visit the websites of produce, meat, baby, and organic companies. Sign up for any email lists or free newsletters, offers, incentives they have available! If you can’t locate anything like this, a contact email address is always available for you to use. In this case, just send a short, positive email expressing your satisfaction with the company’s product and your desire to be a loyal customer. Kindly ask for any promotional coupons, samples, or offers they might have available and be sure to include an address. Remember to be polite, and chances are you will get something!

Tip #3: Seek out a Store Manager
Would you believe that when a company rep comes and stocks shelves and displays, they often give coupons to the store manager to pass out? Sadly, most of those coupons get forgotten about. Why not ask your store manager if any produce, meat, cheese, baby, or organic coupons are available? If not, they might ask for you next time a rep comes in to stock the display.

Tip #3: Look for Peelies and Wine Tags
Peelies and wine tags often offer savings on items that don’t typically have coupons. For example, many wine bottles have tags on them valid on meat and cheese. Many produce companies put peelies on their products (coupons you can peel off) for instant savings as well. Keep your eyes peeled for these offers, as you will have to catch them while you are shopping. Have friends and family keep their eyes peeled too!

So, you now know the three tips for finding those hard to find coupons. And you might want to start locating some right away! Below, we have assembled a list of websites for you to check out and sign up for any available savings. You are now just a click away from getting on email lists and having access to a plethora of savings that may be available to you. Take a look!

Company Websites for Requesting Hard to Find Coupons:

Organic Coupons:

Eden Foods
Offers a mailing list, sign up to receive their product catalog and you will be mailed over $10 in coupons plus sea, pasta, and cereal samples.

Annie’s Organic
Offers a mailing list, click on the “contact” tab and email them requesting coupons as well.

Celestial Seasonings
Offers a mailing list as well as coupons upon request.

Baby Coupons:
Baby Gap
Sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% off coupons via email upon sign up and more offers through out the year. Card members will be able to print a 30% of coupon as well.

Sign up for their newsletter to receive not only coupons but samples and free item coupons by mail. They often send freebies for jars of food and cereal. Also features printables including $1/7 jars.

Bright Beginnings Formula
Sign up for their newsletter for future offers. You can also email them requesting coupons.Their site also has a savings calculator to see how much using their brand can save you vs. leading brands.

Produce Coupons:
Green Giant
Green Giant is now making a variety a fresh items including romaine hearts and salad blends. They are great about putting coupons in the hands of consumers if you just ask.

Mexico Avacados
This site often has Buy 3 Get 1 Free printable coupons available.

Nature Sweet
Naturesweet sells a variety of grape and cherub tomatoes. Sunday circulars are a great place to look for Naturesweet coupons as well as the website.

Meat Coupons:

Offers a mailing list as well as printable coupons, including .50/1 Natural Choice Lunch Meat and $1/1 Refrigerated Entree (includes roast beef, pork, and more!)’

Hillshire Farms
Offers a mailing list as well as printable coupons.

Coleman Natural
Offers a monthly newsletter and compete their online survey for 5- $1/1 product coupons

Butterball Turkey
Offers a mailing list and website often runs rebate promotions.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to these sites now and pretty soon you won’t have to search for those hard to find coupons…those hard to find coupons will come and find you!

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