Best Thanksgiving Appetizers #Thanksgiving12 Amazing Thanksgiving Appetizers #Thanksgiving

Next to the turkey, appetizers are my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.  Appetizers are what gets everyone to your house early and keeps them at bay while the turkey and dressing are finishing up in the oven.  I don’t know about you, but I look forward to deviled eggs and a veggie tray every year.  I also look forward to the “new stuff” that people bring to snack on.  We have an amazing list of terrific appetizers of more than just deviled eggs and black olives.  I think you’ll find something yummy and easy peasy that your family will love!  I hope y’all enjoy this list as much as we did 😀  P.S. my daughter cannot wait to try the bacon buffalo chicken <3

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  1. Yes to bacon buffalo chicken! Lol. I love the ideas, I also enjoy veggies with yummy dips! Really, I just love Thanksgiving food.

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