balloon party ice

Balloon Party Ice

I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest and had to try it for myself! The Pinterest pin I read said the balloons could be thawed and refrozen. I wouldn’t recommend doing that as the balloons become very fragile after freezing. I also will say to be very careful when handling these frozen balloons. Although this craft is super simple and cute to make, once the balloons are frozen, the ice inside has sharp edges and can pop the balloons. It’s not that big of a deal since they are frozen and don’t make a mess when they pop 🙂 All you do is fill the balloons with water and freeze! Super easy and no need for instructions. I will caution you not to overfill the balloons, because they become very heavy and stressful to the latex….but most of all:  HAVE FUN!

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  1. One of my grand children would love to have a balloon party. Or is this for kids to? But my granddaughters birthday is coming up in May. And this would be a great party for her. A balloon party

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