7 Must Have Items To Pack For Summer Camp

7 Must Have Items To Pack For Summer Camp.  Whether you are attending camp as a counselor or sending your kids away for a few weeks this summer, these 7 Must Have Items To Pack For Summer Camp are sure to keep you happy while away.

7 Must Have Items To Pack For Summer Camp 

Summer camp is a great fun adventure that everyone will enjoy, but there are a few comfort items to make sure you have on hand.  From the basics, to things that often slip your mind, we have provided you with some excellent options to make this years summer camp experience amazing.

Simple Bedding:  Most camps have bunk beds, and sheets with a single blanket are commonly packed.  If your camp doesn’t have specific requirements for bedding, pack a sleeping bag with an extra sheet or blanket rolled inside it.  This makes for a simple way to keep everything together, while giving yourself or your kids comfortable and simple to maintain bedding.

Comfort Item:  This varies from person to person.  Packing a toy, blanket, pillow, picture, book or talisman are important for both adults and children.  Kids tend to want their stuffed animal or blanket, but as they get older may be embarrassed to take these.  Whether they keep them tucked away in their bag, or choose to take something simple like their Dad’s t-shirt to sleep in instead, they should have something comforting from home.  Most kids adapt to summer camp with no problems, but that comfort item can help them ease into being away from home. 

Appropriate Footwear:  While this would be considered a no brainer, some people forget to back the proper shoes.  Depending on the activities involved, most children will need a good sturdy pair of tennis shoes, as well as a pair of sandals that have a strap to secure them.  Flip flops are typically not a great choice since they break easily, and can pose a hazard for younger kids prone to falling or tripping easily. 

Medications & Emergency Contact Information:  This is typically given to the administration when you sign up for camp, but it is also a great idea to send along a sheet to be kept in your kids bags that lists out any medications, allergies and emergency contact information.  Having it handy in their cabin may be helpful along to counselors should a problem arise. 

Favorite snacks:  Some camps have rules about outside foods, so make sure before you pack something.  Otherwise, a small bag of favorite snacks and treats is a great surprise for your kids to find when they unpack at camp. 

Simple toiletry kit:  The more simplistic you can get the better.  If you can find a nice durable waterproof pack that can go into the shower and hold their shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste all together that will be perfect.  You want to use as much all in one or multi-purpose as you can, while making it easy for them to keep track of.  Make sure to label things well with their names just in case.

Dirty clothes bag:  Pack a simple trash bag into their bags for them to put all dirty clothing into.  The last thing you want is for them to come home with a backpack or suitcase stuffed full of stinky dirty clothes.  At least with a trash bag the smell will be contained a bit.

Make sure to have these items to pack for summer camp ready when it is time for your kids to load up and head out for their fun summer adventure.

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