5 Reasons You’ll Love Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca

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5 Reasons You'll Love Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca

There are definitely more than 5 reasons for you to love Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca, but I’m going to give you the top 5 reasons!  Little did I know, when I received my package from Santa Cruz Organic®, that I would be admitted to the hospital in the coming weeks.  Somehow, I developed a terrible kidney infection and had to be hospitalized for three days and undergo IV antibiotic therapy.  Well, when I got home, I had to drink lots of water.  I had to avoid excess sugar and salt in my drinks in order for my kidneys to properly heal and right there in my refrigerator was my collection of Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca that I had not opened yet.  I drank all three flavors in the next few days and even had the apple sauce as a snack.  I was not expecting to fall in love with them, but I did!  Now, I’m going to tell y’all why!

5 Reasons You'll Love Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca


  1. The taste is amazing! ~ The number one reason you will love Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca is the taste!  I have had ‘flavored water’ in the past and was not impressed.  I’m not even a big fan of fruit infused water, but this was different.  It didn’t taste like flavored water.  This was a juice, a light refreshing juice and that’s exactly what it tastes like!
  2. Variety ~ They have a ton of flavors over at Santa Cruz Organic®!  I received the Lemonade, pomegranate, and the Mango Passion Fruit flavors, but they have so much more!  They are adding more flavors all the time.
  3. It’s organic ~ Whether you’re super health conscious or you have never read a label in your life; I’m here to tell you that organic is just better.  It is better for you, because it doesn’t contain the chemicals that many other products contain and it just tastes better.  It has been my experience, that, by and far organic products have a superior taste to those that are not organic and Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca doesn’t disappoint.
  4. Great for creating new drinks ~ I love creating frozen drinks and pops for the kids in the summertime.   This is a great way to add a refreshing twist to any frozen fruit pop or fresh fruit smoothie!  You can find lots of recipes over at Santa Cruz Organic’s website too 🙂
  5. Many other great products! ~ Besides the refreshing Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca, they also carry many other lines of organic products.  They have organic juices, sauces, spreads, and many other organic products.

5 Reasons You'll Love Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca

About Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca:

Warm, carefree afternoons and bright, sunshiny mornings are what our Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Frescas will remind you of. How they taste depends on which refreshing variety you choose—Pomegranate, Grapefruit or Mango Passionfruit.

Made by blending organic fruit juice and fruit juice concentrate, sugar, a splash of lemon juice, and other ingredients, these delightfully distinctive drinks are reminiscent of the Agua Frescas that have long been popular throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Now, Santa Cruz Organic® makes it easy for you to enjoy an Agua Fresca at home—the perfect way to Keep on Cruzin’ through your day!

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17 Replies to “5 Reasons You’ll Love Santa Cruz Organic® Agua Fresca #KeepOnCruzin”

  1. Mmm I love juice. A lot of people in the UK make their juice with a concentrated squash and I just can’t love it. I love fresh, organic flavours!

  2. I love foods that are organic, although, I find it a little bit expensive. I like the pear nectar.

  3. Our house always has juice in it because of our four year old. But juice can cause cavities and organic juice tends to have a lot less sugar because the flavor is so strong so I think I’ll have to try this out!

  4. Oh, I love flavoured water! I usually buy Vitamin Water but we don’t have that brand here in Dubai. I then buy juices and add more water to dilute it because I don’t like sweet juices.

  5. I’ve been leaning towards organic food for the longest time. It’s just the best ingredients for cooking and drinking especially if you want to stick to a healthy diet!

  6. I love the Santa Cruz products and haven’t heard of the agua fresca line yet. It sounds refreshing and looks delicious. Thanks for sharing and hope you are feeling better!

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