5 Reasons Why We Only Shop French Toast School Uniforms

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We have a hard time finding the perfect school uniform for our 9 year old daughter, Hannah.  Well, let me clarify, we have a hard time finding anything for Hannah LOL!  Hannah is the youngest of our three children and definitely has a mind of her own.  She loves to express her own fashion sense, but also has a very conservative style.  Standing out and being conservative are not always easy feats to achieve.  When it comes to school uniforms, French Toast has always been our only go-to brand for Hannah.  Here are the 5 reasons why we only shop French Toast for Hannah’s school uniforms:

1.  French Toast is always, yes always, introducing new styles.  It is tough to find new and exciting styles when your children have such strict rules on what they can wear to school.  French Toast is always coming out with new ways to help our little one stand out.

2.  French Toast maintains a conservative style.  French Toast has always had tasteful school uniforms that don’t “bend the rules” of what our schools will allow.

5 Reasons Why We Only Shop French Toast School Uniforms

3.  French Toast clothes last and last.  Even before Hannah started school; we would buy French Toast skirts because she loved the style and I loved the durability of their clothing.

4.  French Toast always has a price to fit our budget.  With having to buy 5 skirts/pants and 5 shirts for two children who are starting back to school, price is always at the top of my priority list.  French Toast has great regular prices, plus they always seem to have a great coupon or sale happening, which helps even more!

5 Reasons Why We Only Shop French Toast School Uniforms

5.  Shipping is a breeze with French Toast.  I have never had a problem getting items shipped in a timely manner and my orders are always 100% accurate.  If you do much shopping online, you know that shipping can be a huge issue with any online retailer.

5 Reasons Why We Only Shop French Toast School Uniforms

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26 Replies to “5 Reasons Why We Only Shop French Toast School Uniforms”

  1. I love the sweet details, like the buttons on the sleeve. So adorable! I am heading straight your their site now to check it out. Thanks so much.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful and the clothes definitely work well with her. My kiddos don’t have to wear school uniforms but they actually love the French Toast clothes. One of my girls picked out 2 shirts, a skirt and a pair of shorts and the other girl picked out 1 shirt and 2 skirts for back to school. I like that they aren’t pricey, and I’m happy to read that they last a long time, because I was curious!!

  3. I love how they are durable and very tastefully designed with appropriate length and coverage. Your daughter is adorable too 🙂

  4. I love that she has her own style! Those outfits are cute, I love the skinny jeans. Your daughter is a beautiful little girl.

    1. Awe, thank you so much! The skinny jeans were her favorite among the pants 😀 They seemed to fit her great too!

  5. I wish I had had French Toast when I was in private school forever ago! I only had one local option and was not able to have much variety!

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