5 Benefits Of Waking Up Before 6 a.m.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of RaceTrac.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I wake up at 3:30-4:00 every morning.  It always surprises people that anyone would get up this early, but for me, it is HEAVEN!  I love waking up to the silence in the house, plus I can get tons of work done and gather my thoughts before the madness of our day begins.  There are so many benefits to waking up early, it was kind of tough for me to narrow it down to just 5, but I wanted to give y’all the five most important reasons I wake up SO early each and every morning.

  1.  Silence! – Yes, I have quiet time before the kiddos start stirring in the morning.  Once all three of our kids are up, it’s hard for me to gather my thoughts and plan, well, anything!  I get all of my planning for the day done and am able to focus more on what we need for the day.
  2. Bonding – Since my oldest daughter started University of Louisiana last fall, she has been waking up at around 5 a.m. to get her day started.  This gives us valuable time together, just she and I, to discuss our days and our plans.  This is time that I look forward to every single day.
  3. Hot water – Ummmm….yeah!  Anyone who has lived with teenagers knows that hot water can be a commodity in the mornings when everyone is scrambling to look and smell fresh for their day at school.   I have plenty of time to take a shower and actually enjoy the hot water without anyone worrying that I may be using too much 😀
  4. Coffee! – I have time to get two cups of coffee down before anyone speaks to me.  This, my friends, is extremely important.  By time my oldest daughter wakes up and wants advice on her daily decisions; I’m able to get my head on straight with my coffee.
  5. Better sleep – I never, ever, ever have trouble falling asleep at night.  Since I wake up so early, by time 9:00 p.m. hits, I am ready to pass out!  I never have trouble falling asleep.  My husband often teases that I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow.

Some mornings, when I’m taking our oldest daughter to school at University of Louisiana, we stop for coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Racetrac.   I’m not sure how they do it, but they have amazing coffee! I’m able to share my third cup of coffee for the day with my daughter and that is priceless!  RaceTrac wants to give its guests good food that gets them excited to start their days. From six blends of fresh brewed coffee and fresh donuts delivered daily to classic roller grill items, RaceTrac has Whatever their guests need to start their morning off right.

RaceTrac’s sandwiches are made in-house with hand-selected, high-quality ingredients – real buttermilk biscuits, flaky croissants, Jimmy Dean sausage and Tyson chicken breasts. Most of our stores offer a customizable approach to building your perfect sandwich, bringing each food item in individually and cooking them separately.

RaceTrac also has new coffee machines coming to stores in 2018, which will give its guests an even more elevated coffee experience. This new offering will allow guests to be their own barista by selecting their favorite coffee blend and watching the beans grind right before their eyes into the freshest cup of joe.

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