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Today, I challenge everyone to make up “food care packages” to take to the hospital waiting rooms or the Ronald McDonald House (For anyone in the Toledo Area the Ronald McDonald House is beyond thrilled to hear about this as they have opened up their doors to ALL families in Toledo to come get a meal if they have family members in the hospital as there is so much sickness ~ packages can be dropped off anytime day or night as they are opened 24 hours per Rachel). What prompted this challenge was an email from a follower who stated when her child was in the hospital, she had very limited money and really could not afford to go to the cafeteria and she suggested this idea and I LOVE it:)

We included Ramen noodles, instant mac & cheese, Oreo snack packs, and Ritz crackers. We then included raisins and a fork and/or spoon, and a bowl if needed. We then enclosed a 365 Days of Kindness cards (YOU CAN PRINT THE CARDS ABOVE BY CLICKING HERE IF YOU’D LIKE) and put all the items in a gallon-size Hefty bag. This is such an easy way to show the love of Christ and really help a family out. Even if you can only make one care package, that is SIMPLY AMAZING, because one package will feed one person who might NOT have a meal otherwise. . . so it is a HUGE BLESSING!! Don’t discount the smallness of any deed, Jesus performed the miracle with 5 loaves and 2 fish and fed 5000 so he can do the same with ONE food care package!! My kids and Jamie and I prayed over every bag. We prayed for God’s blessings on whomever received it. Who’s in? I am praying that everyone gets involved in this. None of us can help everyone, but all of us can help someone, and when we do we serve Jesus. We can make an impact in our communities, one life at a time!!

Thank you for allowing us to participate Saving and Sharing for Christ!

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