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Rubberific has teamed up with Ditta’s Gifts, and a few other amazing sites to bring one of our lucky fans a “TON” of Rubberific Mulch!  WOOHOO!
Ditta’s Gifts and Savings was given the amazing opportunity to review a “ton” (80-16 pound bags) of Shredded Rubberific Mulch!  You can read her full review HERE!
Now what are your thoughts when you hear “rubber mulch”?  I was thinking hmm..  how can this be good for your plants instead of using the wood mulch.   WELL, let me tell us tell you a few of the amazing benefits to using rubber over wood!
Due to the weight of the Rubberific Mulch, it lays on the dirt and inhibits the weeds from being able to grow!  Your plants are above the mulch growing therefore letting them still grow and become stronger with the mulch doing it’s job to lock in the moisture!  Hey, NO, that is not a bad thing because the Rubberific Mulch inhibits the growth of  molds or Fungi, as stated below.

  1. Rubberific mulch is 100% recycled!  The normal wear and tear on your everyday driving and those tires need to be replaced.  GUESS where they go?  Let’s not leave them on the side of the roads any longer, have them recycled into MULCH!  This is a big problem, but there is a solution!
  2. ASTM For fall Height! Certified to comply with ASTM F 1951 (ADA)
  3. Made in the United States
  4. Inhibits the growth of molds and fungi, and reducing allergy risk
  5. Does not attract termites, carpenter ants, or other harmful insects.
  6. Will not fade, rot, compress, will not lose it’s original beauty, even after years of exposure to the elements.
  7. Preserves ground moisture without absorption, helping to keep plants healthy
  8. Five times heavier than wood mulch, will not float nor erode during heavy rains and flooding!

How can it be better for playgrounds?
Did you know that every 3.5 minutes there is a child being rushed to a medical center for playground injuries?  Well wood chips and even just plain ground, reaks havoc on our children!  There is no fall protection under those monkey bars, the ends of slides, not even under the swings!  Well Rubberific Mulch helps in the cushioning of a falling child.  Just think about how you rubber bounces.  So what are your thoughts on your child falling on rubber rather than wood chips?!
Hmm.  My thoughts are, that I would rather have rubber under my boys, rather than wood (splinters), or the hard compacted dirt!
Spending chart!

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Now that you have heard all the pros and cons, WHO would love to WIN some?!
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23 Replies to “Win $1000 Worth of Rubberific Mulch!”

  1. I would use this to create flowerbeds. We just built a home and still have dirt for a yard

  2. If I won, I would fill in the rest of my yard that doesn’t already have this amazing mulch in it and fill in the low spots. Love this stuff so much!

  3. I would give this to a friend of mine who is allergic to regular mulch. It would make an awesome gift.

  4. Well.., for sure I would use some for my backyard for a swingset for the grandkids, and the rest would go on the easement to our front and sideyards by the street… Nothing grows there, and actually have been looking at buying some, but im on diability for another 2 months.., so maybe I will win!!!

  5. Landscaping we have been wanting to redo our flower beds in our new home, this would help out so much. Thank you for the chance.

  6. I would use this for landscape. I need to redo my yard and this would be a perfect solution to some of the issues.

  7. wow this mulch would be sweet!! my garden beds are in need of some new mulch, but cant afford it..this mulch would last for years and don’t have to worry about termites, awesome!!!

  8. I would use this for our children’s playground in our backyard for sure!! I jave begged my husband to fo this! Says it’s too expensive, even when i argue about it being cheapet in the long run!

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