Ways To Save On Back To School Uniforms

Ways To Save On Back To School Uniforms

If your child attends a school that requires uniforms, these ways to save on back to school uniforms will help you to make ends meet easily.  School uniforms can be pricey, but there are several ways you can save money on them for your kids this year.  Unless your school requires you purchase from a particular vendor, these tips will help you to manage your back to school uniform budget easily.

Shop discount retailers and wholesale club stores.  Often times your local Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club or Costco will have great deals on khaki pants and solid colored polo style shirts.  Since these are typically the standard in uniforms for schools, you may be able to grab them at a low rate at your local store instead of ordering directly through the uniform dealers.

Buy from online resale sites.  Places like eBay and ThredUp or Schoola are favorites for buying gently used kids clothing of all kinds, including school uniforms.  This I one of the easiest ways to save on back to school uniforms for everyone.  If you are unsure on fit, take your kids to a local store to try on similar brands before making the purchase.

Host a uniform swap with other parents/families from the school.  If you know a lot of the parents from your kids school, you may be able to host a yard sale or swap just for uniforms kids have outgrown.  This is a great way for everyone to get thing they need at a lower price, and even make a bit of money toward new purchases. 

Shop thrift shops.  Local thrift shops are a great place to find gently used uniform pieces to help with your kids uniform wardrobes.  A few solid polo style shirts, khaki pants or other uniform pieces at a discount can really stretch their wardrobe and your budget a lot.  Shop year round to avoid the last minute shoppers who will likely grab everything they can find weeks before school starts.

Order in bulk with other parents.  Sometimes bulk orders from companies can save a significant amount of money. Check out site options and get in touch with other parents to see who would like to order with you and stretch their dollars a bit more.

Shop local classified groups. Facebook has become a great place to find local classified groups to buy through.  You can post an ad looking for something, or you can browse existing ads to find items others  are looking to sell.  Local means no shipping charges, and is often quicker and cheaper.

These ways to save on back to school uniform are sure to stretch your budget while giving your kids just what they need to look appropriate for their first days back to school.  With all the supplies, tuitions and extra curricular expenses involved with back to school getting uniforms at a discounted rate will be a great way to keep you in budget. These tips are sure to keep your kids in appropriate uniforms and your pocket book in tact.

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