TRYING to Lose Weight?   It’s the path to FAILURE.

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Unfortunately, trying to lose weight is the easy part.  The hard parts are continuing to lose weight and keeping it off.  I think keeping it off is the toughest!  Although you can go into a new, healthier lifestyle and change all of your eating and exercise habits; eventually life. just. happens.  Somewhere, somehow, the stress just piles back on and, for me, I turn to food.  This is a vicious cycle that has played out in my life for over 30 years.  Yes, for over 30 years I have been battling obesity.  I’m tired and I want the cycle to stop.  Most of us will try just about anything to just stop the cycle.  Well, I’m ready to make this the last thing I try!  Undiet sounds amazing to me and I’m ready to jump on board with both feet and NO. LOOKING. BACK!

This is what I have learned in my years of trying to lose weight…

…TRYing to lose weight is your way of telling yourself you are doing something about your excess weight.

…TRYing to lose weight is your way of feeling good that you are going to stop the upward tilt to your scales.

…TRYing to lose weight is your way to focus on your weight, because you sincerely want to do something about it.

…TRYing to lose weight is your signal to family, and friends, that you are taking action NOW, to control your weight.

But, as Master Yoda said to Luke, “TRY is the language of FAILURE”

“There is no TRY. Only DO, or NOT DO.”

Here is also what I learned…

1. Most weight loss programs suck. They just donʼt work long term. Or at least not very well for me. Most are based on a fanatical devotion to just one thing… very low calorie diets, yet disguised as something else.  The truth is everyone loses weight when they quit eating. Thatʼs not a diet. It sets your body up for some weight loss now and some weight Re-GAIN later, plus some extra pounds.

2. Most weight loss programs are based on partial-science. They jump on the bandwagon of the “latest science” as it it were the only science ever done — as if it were the only piece of science that mattered.  The truth is that the body is complex. I read this article that said that Science has discovered over 200 genes that influence weight gain. Less than 5 are scientifically understood enough to say anything specific about how they affect your weight.   Nobody knows how all those genes interact with each other in making you gain, or lose weight. NO ONE.

3. Weight loss companies want you back as a REPEAT customer. After using them too many times, I really believe that. I guess it’s easier to get me to come back than to find a new customer. But isn’t a “repeat weight loss customer” an admission of their failure to help you permanently lose weight in the first place?  The truth is, weight loss programs are costly exercises in frustration. So, it would be denying reality to expect them to do anything other than lead you to failure.  Well, I don’t want to be a repeat weight loss customer. Do you? I just want an UnDiet…with no Regain. How about you?

I saw this short video about “How Diets Really Cause Weight Gain.” Check it out here. It made a lot of sense. It’s not an ad. Just good, simple science.  I also heard about the #CoreUnDiet. you can get a FREE sample…#CoreUnDiet here.  Meanwhile, I’m NOT going to TRY to lose weight. I am going to do it. You too?

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