When summer arrives, everyone is anxious to get outside! Kids are no exception, as they are anxious to enjoy the great outdoors after months cooped up inside a classroom. The chance to indulge in camping, picnics, ball games and more is now at your fingertips. Do you know what the best part is? There is so much frugal outdoor fun for kids to be enjoyed! There are plenty of summer outdoor activities appropriate for kids just waiting to be enjoyed. So how do you know where to begin? Take a peek below at some of the best frugal outdoor fun for kids we could dig up!

You don’t need a great deal of time or resources to dive into any of these activities. All you need is a little ambition to have some frugal family fun!

The Perfect Outdoor Activities: Frugal Outdoor Fun for Kids

1. Camping:
Camping is a wonderful chance for families to have a blast for very little money. Try to get more bang for your buck and pick locations that have natural water attractions like waterfalls, wildflower fields, hills, wildlife, and cascades. Consider hiking trails, bike rentals, and other site activities that you can enjoy as a family. Some national parks even have museums that are free to tour with free activities like nature talks and more! Camping also allows you to cook inexpensive foods outdoors. Overall, the entire experience can be quite cost effective and enjoyable!

2. Bike Riding:
Anytime the weather is warm and cooperating, seek out a nearby park or walking path. Strap on your helmet and go! Many local parks offer bike trails just for bikers that are safe and well lit. Enjoy these trails and try something fun and leisurely, or challenge yourselves with something more advance. Be sure to enjoy safe biking procedures whenever you bike and encourage your children to do the same as well. When you are done, grab a hose and bucket of water and hold a bike wash!
bike ride

3. Old Fashioned Backyard Games:
Think about investing in backyard games such as volleyball, badminton, croquet, football, basketball, patio chess or checkers. They can be enjoyed by many for years to come and are a great investment! There are numerous games that can involve the entire family and only cost you a few dollars! Take good care of these games so they last and you can use them each summer! Look for these items marked down during the off season if at all possible so you can snag them for less.
backyard tree

4. Stargazing:
Typically in the summer there are unusual events in the skies now, such as meteor showers, solar eclipses and more! Grab some blankets, some popcorn, and gather the family for these free nighttime shows in the sky. Provide either a blanket to lay on, or lounge chairs so everyone is comfortable and can enjoy each other and the show. If you have binoculars you can see a lot more! Or, borrow a telescope if possible! If you don’t have these tools no worries, as you can still see a great deal with the naked eye. There are plenty of books about stargazing and astronomy available online or in bookstores as well that can expand this experience for you!
star gazing
5. Family Fishing:
Fishing is not only fun but it is very frugal. All you need is a few supplies (just borrow them if you don’t have them) and a nearby pond or lake. You can purchase short term passes to fish, which will save you the cost of a yearly fishing license. This is ideal for you and your family if you rarely fish. You can always save on bait by digging up your own worms and crickets as well! This will net you some excellent free bait.

6. Water Fun:
You don’t always need a swimming pool. Water can provide endless hours of fun and refreshment. Sprinklers are inexpensive, as are water balloons or just a good old fight with the hose. Squirt guns, spray bottles, washing bikes, and more can provide hours of cool and refreshing fun. So pull out the hose, put on a swimsuit, and prepare to get wet! Kids need very little instruction with this!

7. Family Gardening:
Raise a family garden together. Plan it and plant it as a family and then reap the harvest together! Kids will love planting and watering, weeding and harvesting! Give each child a unique job they can be in charge of. Pick fun recipes to make with your harvest, tend to the garden together, and make this a whole family adventure. You can even choose to can your harvest if you wish, share it with neighbors, or donate it to a local food bank.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of outdoor activities you can enjoy as a family for very little or FREE. Take advantage of your surroundings, the warm weather, and the long days when you dive into these fun and frugal activities!

So what is it going to be? Biking? Camping? Stargazing? Either way, dive in and have fun! Summer will be over before you know it! Don’t let it pass you by without enjoying these wonderful experiences!

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