How To Stay Encouraged While Homeschooling

While we are happy we homeschool and believe in it wholeheartedly for our family, we know it isn’t always an easy choice or task.  There are days when throwing in the towel truly feels like the best plan out there.  Yet, other days it feels like the best thing we have ever chosen for our family.  How To Stay Encouraged While Homeschooling has become something we realize every person needs to figure out.  Whether it is your first year, your 10th year or only your second day, discouragement is sure to find you at some point.  Hopefully our tips will help you to remember your goals and focus your energy on the good things until you can get over this hump. 

Pick A Motto.  One thing that helps is to pick a homeschool motto.  A scripture, a great quote or simple a sentence that states why you have made this choice for your family are all great motto’s.  Print it on paper and frame it, place it on post it notes throughout your classroom or create a custom vinyl wall decal of it.  Keeping your motto in sight at all times will help you to retain your focus and be a constant reminder that bad days happen yet the good is out there to be had.

Take A Break.  Whether it is for the day, week or a month taking a break is very important.  Sometimes we just need to leave the problem alone and come back later to solve it.  Take time off from school to relax, have a movie day, do some deep cleaning or just go play.

Ask For Help.  If you are struggling with a particular area of homeschooling in general or studies with one child, it may be time to seek help.  That can be online in one of the many homeschool groups or forums you find, or it could be from a local parent or educator who might know more than you about the subject.  Sometimes it simply means asking your spouse to step in and give you constructive criticism about what may be causing you to be stressed or discouraged.

Stop Seeking Perfection.  This one is hard for those of us who tend to be perfectionists.  While we want to give our children a better education by homeschooling them, that doesn’t mean we won’t face the same struggles other teachers do with their students.  Every child is different and in some cases, a perfect grade just isn’t going to happen no matter how hard you both try.  Let go of the ideal of perfection and seek to improve and learn. 

Evaluate Your Goals.  Sometimes we get caught up in the grade level, the test scores and the comparison of our children to other homeschooled or even traditionally schooled children.  Take a step back and evaluate your goals.  Why did you choose to homeschool in the first place?  Are those goals still what you are seeking, or have you lost track and begun a different pursuit?  Sometimes stepping back and remembering our goals, or adjusting them to suit our family and children better is important.

Remember You Are Not Alone.  So much truth here, but it bears repeating.  You are not alone in this journey.  Your frustrations, exhaustion, discouragement – almost every homeschooling parent has gone through it at some point.  If they haven’t, they likely will.  Cling to the knowledge that you aren’t the first to hit this hurdle, and there is likely a group out there waiting and willing to give you a boost over it.

Keeping your focusing and allowing yourself to be human and sometimes vulnerable will help you to stay encouraged while homeschooling.  Remember every day is a new day and a new chance to begin again.

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