Send a FREE Slim Jim to The Troops


slim jim salute the troops

  • “Slim Jim is one of the most requested snacks by our troops.
  • Because for them, it isn’t just delicious, portable and high protein.  It’s a taste of home.
  • That’s why Slim Jim makes a donation of sticks to the USO every year.
  • And in 2013 we made this gift even more special by including your personal messages of support.
  • Over 100,000 proud Americans rose to the occasion with words of comfort, encouragement, and kindness.
  • These messages were then printed on sleeves, stuffed with sticks and shipped to troops around the world.
  • This year, it is our mission to collect 1 million unique messages to send along with a 1 million stick donation.
  • With your support, we’ll salute the troops and show our heroes just how much we care.”

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